10 Essentials While Choosing a B-School

Choosing the right business school is another crucial and demanding task for all the MBA aspirants. In such a competitive world researching about the top business school should be the most important activity in your MBA application process. If one is sure and confident about which B-school is worth it then all your efforts in exam preparation, essays and interviews will fall in the right place.

best B-school

Here are some of the top 10 essentials to keep in mind while choosing the right B-school for your career:

1. Preferences and Interests

The most important thing is to understand the subject and field that interests you. Identifying your preferences and interests is essential as it will help you choose the right field.

2. Approval

Another important thing to keep in mind is whether the institution which is offering MBA is AICTE approved or not. There are many institutes which offer MBA but are not AICTE accredited.

3. Affiliation

One must consider whether the institutions are affiliated to the university or are autonomous. University has a traditional basic foundation whereas an autonomous colleges update their syllabus regularly according to industry requirement.

4. Infrastructure

It is advisable that students should visit campus as they have to spend next two years in the institute if they apply. They should feel safe and secure and must check the facilities provided by the institute.

5. Faculty

A student must check out whether the institute consists of qualified and experienced faculty and find out about the kind of guest lectures at the institute.

6. Curriculum and Internship

Students should find out about the kind of internships provided by the institute. If the program is more classroom oriented and you don’t get a chance to apply what you have learned then you should avoid such institutions.

7. Class Diversity

Students should look for class diversity inside the institution for which you are going to apply. If a class is rich in diversity it has students from different cultures and experiences it creates an opportunity for the students to interact with each other and share their experiences.

8. Fee

It is another important criteria, if the institution has a good track of placement record then fees should not be a make-or-break criterion for you as the return on investment is good.

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9. Placement Opportunities

Before enrolling in any institute a student must check out the placement record of the institution as well as talk to the alumni of the institute.

10. Alumni Feedback

This is the last and one of the most important factor while determining the best B-school for yourself, get in touch with the alumni who have passed out from the school with the same specialization and talk to them and get the feedback about the institution.

Hope the above-mentioned points will help all the aspirants in taking proper decisions and choosing the right B-school for them.


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