10 First Date Conversation Tips- Because Weirdos Don’t Get Second Dates

First dates can be difficult. However, they don’t need to be awkward. The truth is,meeting someone new can be daunting- but meeting someone new and having an awkward conversation with them is torture. To save you from actively torturing your datesbelow is a compiled list of the dos and don’ts which move you from a weirdo to a potential within no time.

1.    Ask questions

It may seem obvious,but nothing ruins a date like long stretches of silence. As long as you agreed to the date, make the flow as smooth for everyone as you possibly can. If you have no personal questions to ask, move to easy questions such as: Are you warm enough? How is your food? Do you like the restaurant? These questions create an air of friendliness that will pave the way for an air of openness.

2.    Steer away from awkward questions

  • How much do I earn? No thanks.
  • How much was my house valued at? I think not.
  • How much do I weigh? Hell No!

These are the kinds of questions that create awkward atmospheres. Keep the conversation light.Topics like finances, weight, religious viewsare personal and should only be divulged if the person is willing.

3.    The question about favorites is an ideal icebreaker.

A favorite TV show? Favorite couple? Favorite clothing store? Everybody has a favorite which means the flow of your conversation will remain favorite in her opinion.

4.    Nobody needs to know that you cry yourself to sleep Jan!

Always avoid the temptation to spill your guts on the first date. Be forthcoming but remember that it is a date,not therapy. Talk about the areas of your life that are gray areas and make them known. However, keep off the urge to lament about your neighbor or annoying co-worker. You will get plenty of time for that when you get a second date.

5.    Confess that you are indeed nervous

It is true, admitting that you are nervous on your first date puts both of you at peace. It allows both of you to work towards being comfortable.

6.    Politics is quicksand

The world is not short of people who don’t agree with you. Do not make your first date the declaration of war. The likelihood of a political topic getting heated is very high; if you plan on being at peace, then this is not the topic for you.

7.    Past relationships are called “Ex” for a reason

Mention in passing your past relationships. What happened, how they ended and how they made you feel. If you feel the urge to add more information, you are treading on murky waters. Overemphasis on exes will not make you feel any happier or make your date even the slightest bit comfortable. Flee this trap!

8.    Ask open-ended questions

Avoid questions whose answers do not lead to a discussion. Open-ended questions create pauses we are so heavily trying to avoid. Ask questions that will require your partner to think and ask more questions.

9.    Don’t forget to slip in a couple of deal breakers

After all, no one wants to go on a second date with somebody they don’t truly know.

10. Pay attention

Enough emphasis cannot be made on this. Paying attention solves a lot of problems and pardons. Simple as it is, paying attention makes you more attractive and allows you to pick up subtle parts of themselves that may be appealing to you.


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