10 Reasons Why It Is Awesome To Be A Latina

I mean, whoever said blondes have more fun had clearly not met Latinas. We are the best, the friendliest and our food is amazing! If you are not sold out on this, then worry not- in ten short points you will be one of us, amigos.

1.    We love to celebrate ourselves

Name any other group of people with as many cultural events as us- from Cinco de Mayo to Carnival, Puerto Rican day parade and all the christenings. We are incredibly loyal and proud of our roots in a world that seeks to be progressive.

2.    Food from all regions is amazing

Regardless of whether you come from Mexico, Columbia or the Dominican, the food tastes great. Sure we have higher thresholds for hot sauce- but then again, is the food good if it’s not making you leak facial fluids?

3.    We live longer

I looked at my abuela(grandmother) the other day,and I was awed. I never realized just how young she looks. Looking back at my neighborhood, generations upon generations lived in the same place and at the same time. It’s true; we live longer.

4.    Our work ethic is unparalleled

No other group of people has been shown to love what they do like we do. We start businesses and retain our customers through inflation and political unrest. Our customer service is unrivaled given we can speak two languages and well, it is so much easy for us to make friends.

5.    We make friends easier

Not only are we easy to talk to, but we are also good at storytelling, and loyal to a fault — the three ingredients for a great friendship. Everyone needs a Latina friend for sure.

6.    We have great hair

The volume of hair we have and the curls make us the best hair products models. All this without as much as coconut oil every night. This combination alone gives Latinas a whole range of products specifically suited for the 3c hair type. We also have plenty of secret beauty tips!

7.    There are many of us.

The company makes life easier. The strength in our numbers is significant as shown by the amount of focus put on making products suited to us on account of our purchasing power. In the results of research released in 2018, Latinos outnumbered blacks as having the highest purchasing power. You know this means that we run the retail world.

8.    We have great looks and bodies.

Our bodies come with just the right amount of melanin coupled with the ideal waist-hip ratio. You know who doesn’t need to milk their bank account dry to look fabulous? Us!

Look at those gorgeous ladies from Amolatina.

9.    Free holiday homes abroad

The great thing about being from Rio or Mexico is that your summers get to be spent on a warm beach outside your ancestral home. No parking fees, no airport exchanges, and no hotel room charges.

10. Our remedies are simple, strange and work like a charm

Hemorrhoid cream for wrinkles or garlic for nail growth. We have learned to utilize what is available, organic and effective. In conclusion, being Latina is probably the best thing that ever happened to me.


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