15 Instagram Marketing Lessons from 3 Inspiring Accounts

Users of Instagram are 58 times more engaged with posts as compared to the users of Facebook and 120 times more engaged as compared to the users of Twitter. A business which uses Instagram rightly can get more sales and traffic in lesser time.

However, before you get quite crazy with the camera and start to post on Instagram, here are tips which are extracted from a few of the top business profiles on Instagram.

Three most Awesome Instagram Accounts and what they teach you

Look at few of the famous brands which are nowadays rooking on Instagram and learn what they are doing.

Warby Parker

The seller of prescription sunglasses and eyewear named Warby Parker gained 202k followers on Instagram followers and count is not over yet. Their pictures have got thousands of shares and hundreds of likes. The GIFs and photographs which they share on the Instagram don’t seem to be liked much at first sight. However, they are actually profound.

Note how their photos are not regarding the spectacles, but regarding the food items liked by everyone. Nevertheless, they bring out their products as you start to know that the company sells eyewear actually. Isn’t it amazing to purchase the glasses at such a remarkable place?

Again, their images are about the employees of the company – you will find much fun once you will look into the culture of the company. The pictures with the sunglasses don’t get more than 30% of the space of the photo. Still, they are the one thing which is focused on the entire photograph. This is quite creative – bringing a delicate balancing between the product and items adored by the customers. Thus, the photo gathers 16k likes.

Lessons to learn

  • Posting photos of related things will do a great job. Your office environment impresses your customers to a considerable extent. Then why
  • not post it too with your employees exhibit
  • ing hard work and commitment.
  • Inter
  • action with your customers helps a lot in marketing. You
  • may use Whatsapp, Snapchat or any other medium.

Camp Brand Goods

Do you think that it is easy to Buy Real Instagram followers UK and 3000 to 7000 likes on every photo of apparel? Not at all! It needs an outclass marketing. Which is not something unachievable for Camp Brand Goods. Promoting their outdoor Canadian “adventure apparel,” their profile testifies the quality of their product which is being tested in the Canadian Rockies. Let’s have a glance at their posted stuff.

7335 likes! Can you see and any adventure apparel here? If not, then why is it that much appreciated? There’s nothing to be surprised since the company is not only showcasing their products but also guiding their buyers such that which is the best occasion to use their particular product?

Despite of complete absence of apparel and outdoor in this photo, it gives a definite sensation of the arrival of winters and subsequently, the arrival of the fall collection. Which is further confirmed through the description. Look at the soothing sun rays which give you extreme joys in the cold season. All this may not directly show the collection of the brand but attract adventurers by letting them feel it Buy instagram likes uk.

Lessons to learn

  • Themes play a pivotal role in marketing. Use strategic themes like outdoor, adventure, woods, etc. and let the customers feel more than watch.
  • Beautiful scenes and cityscapes can do wonders – capture them and attract customers through posts.
  • Quality always comes with a sense of ownership. Don’t forget to show up in the photos.
  • Exhibit experience your customers might have been through with your product in photos.
  • Add relatable hashtags and creative descriptions

We Work

Have you seen any flourishing B2B companies with marketing on Instagram? Have a thorough look at WeWork’s profile. Be it workspace or other services related to work, WeWork is the right place for all type of businesses. 26.5k followers at Instagram are not easy to get. This is quite straightforward—the London bus for showing their presence in city.  Description reveals that they’re providing a 1-uear membership free of cost.

Lessons to learn

  • There’s no limit to Instagram usage. Instead, it is a vast platform and full of opportunities for B2B businesses.
  • Customers are more attracted to free products and services.
  • Representation of your product or service counts. Make it look exciting.
  • Don’t forget to share your location. It helps customers a lot.

Final Thoughts

While on Instagram, the only language that works is the language of photos. Learn to get a hold on customer’s emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Learn about the perfect timing to show a scene, theme or product. Learn to use the best DSLR camera for lightings, exposures, backdrops, etc. And you are good to go. Business on Instagram will be at your fingertips.


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