3 Signs Your House Is Affected By Black Magic

A house is indeed a place of everything for humans, in addition to shelter, the house also has many functions as a media to relieve fatigue from a day of activities and also to improve the harmony of our family. But what would happen if our homes were inserted with magic scents? and it aimed at ruining our lives because there are still many people who are envious of our family’s happiness. This might happen because there are still people who use this method so that they do not get into trouble with the police. The only way we can do is to remove black magic from home. If this happens in your home. You might be able to ask pastors for help to check the condition of your home. Because there will be many other disasters that follow if there is no examination.

How to know the characteristics of our house have been inserted or sent magic? We have summarized at least 3 signs or features of houses that are inserted with magic.

1. The atmosphere is hot The first sign of a house affected by magic is that the atmosphere of the house is very hot and stuffy so that makes people in the house not feel at home. This does not mean there are no coolers like fans or air conditioners but rather because the effects of magic do have extremely hot energy friction. The heat felt is different from the heat of the sun because it does not come from natural energy. It is better if you are more often to fill the house with positive activities and ask the pastor to pour holy water in every corner of the room so that the condition of the house becomes cooler. If you currently only find out one of the reasons you do not feel at home is because of the unusual heat. Immediately contact the priest you know.

2. Uncontrolled family emotions In addition to the hot atmosphere of the house due to the magic also affects the emotions of each family member or who fills the house is not controlled and frequent disputes are only due to trivial issues. This is the thing that people who want to send black magic to their home want. They want to make your family’s condition worse and even the worst is they hope you and your partner can get divorced. When you get things that provoke emotion, you should distance yourself first in order to think calmly and not be affected by provocation sentences. Don’t let this magic win and make you part with your partner.

3. Gone out of people’s sight The last house that is affected by magic will disappear from sight, the purpose of missing here is that someone else or your neighbor will feel reluctant to alight or just visit your house. That is because the essence of magic sent to the house usually makes the aura of the existence of the house disappear from the eyes and minds of other people. People who visit will feel the same way you feel. Unusual heat, and anxiety when inside your home. In some cases, people cannot see the shape of your house and only see barren vacant land.


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