4 Amazing Web-Based File Tools of PDFBear that You Should Know About

Handling tons of electronic files, especially if it’s part of your job in the company you’re working for, it’ll surely demand so much of your time and effort. It’ll also add to your problem if you don’t have enough knowledge and skills to do the job efficiently or there’s no available computer software to use.

However, with technological advancement, you can find tons of options on the internet that will significantly help you resolve your concern in handling all of your electronic files. One of these is the PDFBear website that doesn’t give you computer software to download, but it’ll provide you with access to its set of helpful file tools online. 

Here are some of the web-based tools of PDFBear below that you should know. Check one of them and discover their great potential in helping you manage and organize your electronic files most effectively and efficiently. 

Online Repair PDF Tool

The first on the PDFBear list of online tools is the repair PDF kit. If you’ve been using PDF files for quite some time now, you might have experienced dealing with damaged or corrupted PDF files because of malware or computer viruses. When using unreliable tools or there are no file tools at all, it could be stressful and frustrating to fix these files yourself. 

That’s why you have to use the repair PDF tool of PDFBear for absolutely free. You only have to visit its official website to get your damaged PDF files uploaded on its online tool. Then, let the system do its job and start the entire file restoration procedure by scanning your files, analyzing the damaged details, and fixing the technical issues. 

However, some PDF files may be infeasible to recover even if you’re using any reliable and innovative repair tools due to the damage that malware and viruses have caused them. But for those that can still be fixed, PDFBear can surely recover them in no time. Hence, after a few minutes, you would expect to have your PDF files fully or partially restored.  

Online PDF Password Protection Tool

The next on the PDFBear list of online tools is the PDF password-protect kit. It’s one of the in-demand file tools that most people use all the time. Because of the never-ending issues with PDF file security, this platform has successfully developed this particular tool to be the best resolution to the problem. 

Using this password-protect tool, you can set up a secure and unique password in your PDF files. You can integrate numerals, small and capital letters, and you can even add some symbols you like. Just make sure that the password is safe and strong enough that it can’t be easily decoded by anyone who wants to access your files without your consent. 

Online Unlock PDF Tool

Setting up a password is best for PDF files with valuable and sensitive information. However, for some files that only contain general and basic information, keeping them password-free seems to be an effective option. With this, you can always use this next online tool of PDFBear, which is the unlock PDF tool. 

The unlock PDF tool will allow you to remove the password you’ve initially set up in your PDF files. The entire decryption process is quick and easy that will only take a few minutes to finish. After you’ve uploaded your passworded PDF files on the website of PDFBear, the system will immediately start the procedure of taking off the password. Within minutes,  your PDFs become password-free and ready to use. 

Online File Converter

You can use this next online tool of PDFBear in getting a particular file format you need from the existing files you’ve saved on your device. That’s the electronic file converter that will let you process any file conversion on the website of PDFBear for free. You can transform your Excel, Word, and PowerPoint into a PDF format so that you’ll have more reliable and fixed copies of these files. 

Moreover, for some PDF files you plan to keep for a long time, like property and land titles, birth and death certificates, and many other important documents, you can always convert them to PDF/A format. By doing so, the overall quality of your files will remain the same even after many years of storing them in your computer or smartphone. For more details about this file converter of PDFBear, you can visit its official website anytime you want.


Handling so many electronic files can be challenging and sometimes may cause you stress at some point. However, with the free file tools of PDFBear that you can access on its website, you’ll surely do things a way different from what it’s supposed to be. Therefore, make it a habit to visit the PDFBear website whenever you face any issues in handling your electronic files again in the future.


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