4 Facts Of BP Credit Card

BP credit card is fabulous credit card, which is rewarding its holders with a decent amount of cash back and coolest rewards on all purchases.

You don’t need to do anything, just use your BP credit card as usual and see what happens in return.

BP credit card is bringing to you cashback up to 3% while you are buying groceries, booking air travel tickets or dining in the restaurants. One biggest benefit is, when you swipe a BP credit card at BP gas station, the card gives you cashback up to 5% in return.

Let’s have a look at some cool features and benefits of BP credit card.

Can I use mybpcreditcard anywhere?

Yes, you can use mybpcreditcard anywhere, you can use BP credit card at restaurants, for booking air travel tickets, buy groceries, and fill fuel tanks at BP gas stations.

Your cashback can go up to 5% when you use your BP credit card at BP gas stations. Remember, this cashback is only eligible on the BP gas stations. You will get nothing if you swipe your card at non-BP gas stations.

This is how BP credit card works.

Is it easy to get a BP visa?

Yes, of course, it is as easy as cake. BP Visa rewarding its cardholders with an amazing amount of cash back while they are buying things from marts, spending money on fuel purchases, dining in the restaurants or buying groceries.

Reward bonus is very high, which is 5% for buying fuel from BP gas stations.

Once you register for BP Visa, you will be rewarded with an introductory offer. The introductory offer remains valid up to 90 days from the date of registration. During these 90 days, you will be going to amuse with a decent amount of cashbacks.

During these days, the rewards for buying one gallon of gas while spending $100 is $0.25. You will be rewarded with a 5% bonus on all purchases if you spend equal or higher of $2000 during these 90 days.

How do I pay my BP credit card online?

You can use a BP credit card online anywhere where Visa is accepted. You can use BP credit card on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and any other place where Visa is acceptable as a payment method.

Alternatively, you can use it on regular brick wall Super marts.

How do I can get BP Rewards?

BP rewards are pretty easy to earn. In fact, you don’t even need to do anything special to earn BP rewards. All you have to do is just use your card anywhere and anytime you need to pay something.

Make it a habit to pay for everything through BP credit card. This habit will earn you an amazing amount of cashback and reward points.  

BP reward turns into a double while first 90 days of sign up for BP credit card. In these 3 months, you will be rewarded with some extra BP points, which can later be redeemed for money.

How can I do the BP Credit Card Login?

This is the problem almost all BP credit cardholder faces at least once in their life. And believe me, this is not as hard as it seems. You just need to do be patient and follow the instruction carefully.

Let’s start:

  • Do a visit to the official website of BP credit card:www.mybpcreditcard.com
  • On the first page, you will see the login section
  • Enter your User ID and Password
  • Press secure login
  • You are done

What BP gas station BP own?

BP gas station is gas stations that BP owns. BP is a short form for British Petroleum. The company is mainly a gas and petrol seller in the British and US.

BP owns various gas stations in the US. And BP is offering cashback for its users when they buy gas from BP gas station with BP gas card.

If you need to find a nearest BP gas station, you can look for it on Google. Just type in Google search bar ‘BP gas station near me” and note that make sure your GPS location is on while you are searching it.


BP credit card is the most rewarding credit card in the US. As the company is mainly selling gas and fuels, therefore BP is offering a cool amount of cashback for those who buy gas from BP with BP credit card.

Let us know if you want to know about the Amazon Credit Card too.



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