4 Reasons to Shoot a TV Commercial in Bangkok

Shooting a commercial is an expensive endeavor. It can be completed in a studio in your home city, but when you need to shoot it on a reasonable budget, it’s necessary to look for ways to cut the costs while not sacrificing on the quality.

Here are four reasons to shoot a TV commercial in Bangkok instead of your home city.

Excellent Facilities

Facilities for shooting TV commercials are available in the city without needing to wait extended periods for the production facility to have dates available. When booking production service Thailandlocated, they know what you need with the better companies offering a host of related services.

Whether the actors need accommodation lined up, permits are required for outdoor shoots, local castings and extras drafted in, or full production facilities, this can be accessed from Thailand at a significantly lower cost than trying to do it in the United States.

Exotic Locations

There are plenty of exotic outdoor locations to take advantage of that provide an Asian flavor at a reasonable cost for a day of shooting. Some production facilities also have their own backlot and canconstruct sets there too. Plenty of companies have already taken advantage of the affordable location shooting as well as the VAT reimbursement that’s possible too.

Indoor sets are easier to produce with an exotic Asian feel if that’s required for the commercial. New sets can be constructed and furnished at a fraction of the cost of a US studio. However, Bangkok has Western furnishings available too, so it’s possible to create an American setting in the heart of Thailand if that’s required.

Lower Budgets

While many of the logistics are the same in the commercial shooting industry, the cost to shoot and complete a TV commercial is much lower in the Orient. The labor costs for the crew are much reduced and studio time is less costly because the rents are lower.

There are plenty of locations that are used to suit the requirements of a crew to shoot a TV commercial or a Thai soap opera. Using one of these convenient locations keeps costs under control while not sacrificing anything in the final product.

Digital Editing

Due to the fact that commercials are usually shot digitally now, editing can be completed affordably within the city too. This creates a total package without the need to bring back raw footage and hope you got the shots required. Indeed, editing immediately after the commercial shoot is completedallows you to know if you’re missing any vital footage that’ll require some pickup shots or an extra full day of shooting to add a replacement scene. Even if your team only puts together a rough cut of the commercial before heading home, it still provides the confidence that you have the right shots that were required. Shooting a commercial in Bangkok may seem rather daunting at first. However, they have a flourishing TV industry there with a wealth of experience to rely upon, making it a no-brainer decision.


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