5 Ways How You Can Keep Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety in Check

Dog owners need help when it comes to managing a dog with separation anxiety. Many owners try to leave their dogs at home and may even crate them. This is not a great solution for the dog and it could diminish their mental health. By reviewing the 5 ways to help dogs with separation anxiety, pet owners get a better insight into how to manage a common problem.

1. Place Them in Doggy Daycare

Pet owners need a safer place for their dogs to go every day when the owner is working. If they leave their dogs at home unattended, the dog could destroy their home or become injured easily. Dogs are different from animals such as cats. They become anxious more frequently and need more attention. If they aren’t getting the attention they need, the dogs will show it. Pet owners can learn more about the best programs by reviewing a doggy daycare near me now.

2. Make Sure They Get Plenty of Exercise

By ensuring the pet gets enough exercise, the dogs will run off all their excess energy and rest more soundly while the pet owner is away. Dogs need at least an hour of exercise every day to get wear themselves down and avoid anxiety. If they are stuck in the home all day long, they won’t get enough exercise, and the dog will begin negative behavior patterns that are unhealthy for them and have a negative impact on their owners.

3. Take a Few Minutes to Say Goodbye to Your Pet

Pet owners love their pets, and their pets will miss them when they are away. It is a great practice to take a few minutes to spend with their pet before they leave home. When if they just sit with their dog and pet them and talk to them, this can decrease separation anxiety dramatically. The pet will know that they are special and well-loved. The pet owner can start this new practice to make their pets feel safer, too.

4. Use Dog Products for Anxiety

Pet supply stores have a multitude of products that help with anxiety and keep pets calmer. For example, they have vests that fit snuggly around the dog’s body that is infused with lavender that has a calming effect. The products are often used for dogs that become anxious when fireworks are discharged or when bad weather occurs. The same products can help dogs relax more when their owner is absent.

5. Make the Most of Your Time Together

After the pet owner gets home, it is critical for the pet owner to spend more time with their pets. Even 30 minutes to one hour after arriving home gives the pet the love and attention they need. When the pet owner has more free time, they should spend as much time as possible with their dog to make it easier for the dog when they are away. After all, dogs view their owners as loved ones, and by spending more time with them, the dogs can manage separation anxiety easier.

Dog owners are familiar with the effects of separation anxiety and how it affects their dogs. Dogs that are left to their own devices are more likely to exhibit negative behaviors and present their owners with unwanted outcomes. Dogs do not understand why their pet owners leave them to go to work, and this can have a negative effect on them. By finding better ways to manage separation anxiety, dog owners have more peaceful experiences with their furbabies.


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