5 Ways to Spice Up Boring White Plastic Coffee Mugs

When you are all by yourself, then white plastic coffee mugs are quite fine. But, when you have guests over, you should spice things up. Learn about 5 ways to spice up boring white plastic coffee mugs.

Creative Party Ideas

Don’t get us wrong, we offer Flairware 8 oz. White Plastic Coffee Mugs and a full range of party drinkware and accessories; but, we know that you might want a little change of pace from time to time. That is why we also offer luxury cups, glasses, and mugs. Spice up your party with one of the following 5 improvements over the boring white coffee mug.

1. Flairware 8 oz Clear Plastic Coffee Mugs

Some people like to make tiny changes, so as not to cause a big hubbub. If you think like this, then our Flairware 8 oz Clear Plastic Coffee Mugs might be ideal. A party should include unique cups.

Guests can see what everyone is drinking. This is particularly useful for your waiters or waitresses. They can bring the right beverage to make sure that everyone’s mug remains full.

2. Decor Silver Plastic Wine Cups with Trays

During many soirees, guests will want to converse with their food or beverages on their laps. But, what happens if they spill on their expensive clothing? That is where our Decor Silver Plastic Wine Cups with Trays are useful.

You have a little tray underneath the cup. This provides you with another level of precautions against spills.

3. Silver Splendor Plastic 8 oz. Bone with Gold Rim Mugs

Hosting a party is a special event. You want to provide your guests with an intriguing dinnerware, but you don’t want to break the bank. That is why you go to Party Trends.

We have plenty of affordable cups, utensils, and plates for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or other parties. You can make a memorable party experience with beautiful cost-effective plastic dinnerware, just like our Silver Splendor Plastic 8 oz. Bone with Gold Rim Mugs. Clean up is easy – simply toss them out when done.

4. 5 oz. 2-Piece Plastic Margarita Glasses

We might have the perfect cheap margarita glass. You can be the judge of whether this is true or not. Our 5 oz. 2-Piece Plastic Margarita Glasses are easy to assemble. When you put them together, your guests will be “wasting away again in Margaritaville.”

5. Govino 12 oz. Plastic Cocktail Glass

You can prevent accidents with the molded thumb groove of the Govino 12 oz. Plastic Cocktail Glass. Isn’t it about time that mugs became ergonomically correct? Now, they are with Govino drinkware.

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