6 Basic Car Cleaning Hacks You Can Practice

No matter, whether you own a used or a brand new car, everyone desires to keep it showroom shiny, always. However, while driving around with furry pets, mischevious toddlers, greasy and dirty attire can always take a toll on your car’s cleanliness. But, hang on, here are a few simple cars cleaning hacks to get rid of the toughest car dirt dilemmas:

  1. Cleaning headlights with toothpaste

Your toothpaste can work wonders for your car as cleaning the headlights with it can make them crystal clear. What you need to do is to just apply a bit of toothpaste on a sponge and rub it in circles until the dirt comes off. Later, wipe it out with light hands.

  1. Remove stickers using a blow dryer

While removing any type of stickers from your car use a blow dryer as it will help loosen the adhesives, thus ditching the risk of glue stains. This simple hack can be used for peeling any type of tags without having the risks of scratching your car.

  1. Clean hard to reach crannies using earbuds

It can be quite difficult to reach all corners and nooks in a car for cleaning. In this case, an earbud can really help you. So, when planning to deep clean your car, utilise these cotton swabs. They can perfectly penetrate to help in cleaning the hard to reach areas.

  1. Escape from pet’s hair using a squeegee

Accompanying your pets on a ride can be a fun, but it could turn to be a mess for your car. But no worries, fortunately, there is a way out. Just spray plain water on the seat and further use a  squeegee to pull out all the pet hair.

  1. Conditioner and Lanolin For long-lasting Shine

The basic step for cleaning your car is washing, which we all are pretty aware of. But, what comes after, so that the same shine could be retained for a longer period? Well, just get a conditioner and lanolin along with it. Yes, heard it right. Blend the two together and smoothly apply over your car body and see the miracle work.

  1. Keeping The Upholstery Looking Great

In order to keep your upholstery looking great try out this pro solution. Blend the vinegar and baking soda in adequate amounts to form a paste. Next what? Just scrub it on the upholstery and then clean it out. It will take off all the dust and dirt, even the bizarre smells as well.

This is how you can keep your car clean and shiny always. However, even after a lot of efforts if your car fails to uphold its shine and luster then getting it sold at a fair price is a legitimate option. And if you are looking for someone to offer you the best price particularly in the UAE region then cashyourcaruae  is an ideal destination offering you a quick price for your used car. In addition, to ease up your car registration renewal process log onto renewmycarregistration, they offer you hassle free services by just booking an appointment with them.


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