6 tips for maintaining your dog’s skin

A dog’s 12% body weight comprises its coat. It is one of the most critical organs of their body and needs thorough maintenance. The skin is divided into three layers – the top layer or epidermis, which shields the skin from external irritants, the middle layer of the dermis, which provides elasticity to the skin, and the bottom layer, or hypodermis, which is rich in fat cells and insulation.

The dog’s skin is a crucial weapon in protecting them from environmental factors. External parasites and infections could exasperate the pet. One must invest in an organic dog lotion online to protect the skin. 

The skin also performs other pivotal functions like reducing water loss, regulates the body temperature, and houses the coat’s hair. Hence, caring for your dog’s skin is essential. 

Several issues can be a detriment to your dog’s skin. It arouses problems like the destruction of the biofilm, which shields their top layer. The biofilm also contains beneficial bacteria that prevents the other harmful bacteria from multiplying. 

Dogs possessing ample skin fold, such as pugs, can undergo irritation in their skin because the density tends to capture the bacteria. Smaller dogs are more susceptible to hair loss owing to the sensitive nature of their skin. Hence, buy an organic dog lotion online to protect their skin. 

Factors that affect dog skin

1) Diet is a significant factor affecting your dog’s skin. Lack of appropriate nutrients can mar the quality of hair. Dogs need abundant protein to promote healthy skin. Specific food allergies can trigger skin irritation. 

2) Environmental factors also impact the skin’s quality. Dust, mildew, pollen, and other airborne allergens might prompt an itchy and comfortable state leading to lesions and hair loss. 

3) Dogs may develop parasitic reactions from flea bites. Manifestations include inflammation, hair loss, and itching. Tick bites induce a similar response. 

Maintaining your dog’s skin

We have established the importance of healthy skin and the factors that detriment it. Now let’s explore some aspects used to maintain healthy skin:

1) Regulate the frequency of baths and always use a shampoo: It is essential to use shampoo to peel off the dirt and possible infections sprouting their way. But invest in a fragrance-free organic shampoo. This will prevent the natural oils and protective substances from being stripped away. Gently massage the shampoo into the dog’s skin and carefully wash it thoroughly. During winters, a plain water bath can also suffice. 

2) Maintain a nutritious diet to promote healthy skin: The diet must be a comprehensive blend of proper nutrients. Just like humans, dogs also require a balanced diet. Protein is imperative because it promotes digestion, easing protein absorption. Polyunsaturated fatty acids promote skin and hair development. Be sure to include omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This helps with itching and skin irritation. 

You can also give them supplements of vitamins A, D, and B. Try to add zinc and copper. 

3) Install an air humidifier close to the dog’s bed at night: Doing so will ensure that the allergens are not accumulating in any piece of furniture. Diminish the use of cleaning products, scents, deodorants, and other agents because they prey on your dog’s skin and cause ruin. 

4) Consult a veterinarian if you see any symptoms: Several underlying health issues can impact a dog’s skin. Yeast infection, fungal infection, reaction to environmental factors, itchiness, and several other factors can cause harm to a dog’s skin. It isn’t easy to discern what impacts your dog’s hair, hence consult a vet.

5) Do not let your dog out for too long: Dust, pollen, mold, smoking, and other factors can weaken the dog’s skin. Being exposed to it for too long will only incur further damage and amplify the chances of infections. Hence, regulate your dog when you take them for a walk or in the park. Ensure to keep a watchful eye and do not let them out for long hours. 

6) Do not forget to brush your dog’s hair: Ideally, right after a bath, dry your dog with a towel and brush their hair. This step cannot be overlooked because it brushes away any insects or ticks that may have settled on the hair. It also stimulates blood flow and encourages better growth. 


Care for your dog the right way from the very beginning. This will ensure a robust coat in their older years. Healthy skin is symbolic of a dog’s overall health. Use these methods and improvise if needed. 


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