7 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Facebook Likes

The ultimate marketing strategy most marketers use these days is to purchase likes on various social media networks because honestly, the number of likes and follows you get dictates the quality of your business. The perception of popularity makes people take notice and even though it’s a clichéd practice, it’s still valid in today’s day and age. Advertising on Facebook is the easiest way to get more traffic to your business. It’s an age-old debate whether to buy likes and followers on most social media platforms. This debate has even made its way to famous religious leaders according to The Washington Post as Egypt’s top cleric touched on the subject earlier this year.

But likes validate your business so is buying likes a good investment?

How to choose wisely?

Facebook likes are very easy to buy, anyone and everyone can do it. But you need to ensure that the service you employ helps you gain quality followers who will not only boost your likes but also boost your business. And since Facebook still gains the most traffic over other social media platforms, your outreach will increase as a business provider.

It’s a given that the competition on Facebook is tough. So a page with more likes will always trump over a page with meager likes. A small boost never harms anyone as long as you keep it realistic. You can’t jump straight to 50k likes on your second day on Facebook. A large boost just doesn’t make sense and search engines agree. Start slow and steadily so you gain an audience which is entirely organic with just a small initial boost, think packages from 2,500 to 5000 likes per order.

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1. Sociability

The amount of likes and follows you get are social evidence that validates the sociability of your business page. To help revive a dead fan base, new likes and comments encourage existing followers to interact more. A visibly new fan base will help not only encourage other followers’ interest but also attract new followers. Your products or business will be appreciated more if the amount of likes you receive is reasonably good. A boost is enough to let your potential customers know about the quality of your business. That’s one of the reasons why most businesses opt to buy likes on Facebook.

2. Audience Reach

The best part about Facebook likes is that if one person likes your page, it’ll reflect on their page, compelling others to view your page. This may also expose your page to more visibility. Similarly, when people see someone they know like a page, they get tempted to like the page as well. The more amount of likes you get, the more it’ll indicate that you’re an influencer. The ‘influencer’ tag may make people take you seriously, moreover, it may help people take your business seriously. This is ideal for brand development and product ambassadors.

3. Potential for Business

Buying Facebook likes will ensure that your outreach increases as it’ll bring new followers who will interact with your business. Likes don’t ensure engagement though. You’ll need to keep your new potential followers engaged enough to stay interested in your business. A popular option for celebs and businesses is FollowerPackages.com a marketing company who specializes in social media promotion, with services such as this you can easily and safely purchase likes with ease. Facebook enables business clients to also become ‘friends’ and this informal environment facilitates the potential for business. Buying likes will also kickstart your page towards the ‘popular’ category which will authenticate your page as reliable.  

Need to Buy Facebook Likes

4. Attract more friends

It’s difficult to keep your followers active but new likes and followers may mean new friends as well. New friends mean genuine like for the long run. Facebook is a platform where mutual relationships help gain traction as well. So gaining more friends would always be more beneficial for long-term results.

5. SEO Growth

Most companies promote campaigns with the impression that buying likes will increase SEO. And it does but to a certain extent. As buying likes increase your search engine visibility and directly influences your business, your engagement with potential followers with an increase. But it is necessary to buy from a genuine seller who will ensure qualified followers and likes, and therefore help you gain more real followers.

6. Sales Increase

If you have social widgets or counters on your page you can easily expect a sales increase of 20% as online sales and exchanges increase. And as a result, you can expect a 40% increase in your naturally occurring Facebook likes. This helps grow a real community around you that thrives independently. Starting your online community right off the bat with a large Facebook following can make an exponential number of people turn up.

7. Small investment

Buying ‘genuine’, we can’t stress the word enough, likes on Facebook is simply a small investment that’ll last you in the long term. Ensure your dealing with quality likes which won’t carry any risk. So search for a genuine seller who’ll ensure that you get authentic people to like and follow your pages. An interaction may not be included in this package but not all likes ensure interactions. Engagement is something you yourself need to work on. Good content and engagement from your side will ensure your followers to reciprocate.

There are various services that which will make sure that you get real likes and followers and increase your social media presence. This service will help build your business’ social credibility and will bring attention to you. And as they say, all attention is good for marketing. Many of these websites ensure that you retain these likes permanently on the posts you’ve paid for. They also guarantee safety and privacy but there are still unsafe services out there so you need to be equally careful.

All said and done, there is still a thin line between taking a boost and losing the plot completely. Starting small is recommended and using it as a boost to increase authentic outreach is important. You don’t want to lose the credibility of your business by going over the top.


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