7 Tips To Keep Kids Teeth Healthy

Children are likely to develop cavities and ruin their dental health. This occurs because of over-consumption of sweets and poor dental hygiene.

Therefore, to avoid the risks of painful dental or oral diseases, you can introduce a proper brushing and flossing routine at a young age. This step is necessary to combat future teeth or gum related issues.

Most importantly, children need to visit their dentist as well. Hence, regular appointments with the dentist are as important for children as for adults.

When it comes to maintaining healthy and strong teeth, you can take help from dePacific Dental Group. Kids with healthy and flawless teeth are likely to have high self-esteem which is beneficial in numerous ways.

So, here are seven fantastic tips to maintain your child’s teeth.

1. Proper Diet

When it comes to maintaining children’s teeth, you do not need to invest in expensive products. All you need is a vitamin-rich diet. Thus, add green vegetables, nuts, seeds, fresh fruits, or even dairy products to their diet.

This way, your children with get regular doses of essential vitamins. Multi-vitamins that are easier to get from a balanced diet will not only make teeth stronger but affect their overall health as well.

2. Limit Sugar Intake

It is common for kids to enjoy sweets or sugary drinks. However, this factor can damage their teeth severely, especially when there is no proper brushing routine.

Many dentist advice mothers not to feed excessive sugar to the children. You can stop it by replacing their sweets with fresh fruits.

The sugar present in these fruits is not harmful if you are focused on proper brushing twice a day. Consuming fruits provide nutrients as well which are crucial to keep their body active and energized.

3. Make Brushing Fun

Not to mention, introducing brushing in the routine of toddlers is incredibly difficult. So, be prepared for some extra exercise and stressful moments. Since brushing is necessary to maintain dental hygiene, you can invest in fun toothbrushes.

Nowadays, you can find various toothbrushes such as colorful ones, with lights, cartoon character, or some even have music as well. Buying one or more fun and creative toothbrushes are the best way to attract your child to brush his teeth on a daily basis.

4. Be a Role Model

Children love to mimic their parents. So, they are likely to follow you when they see you brushing twice a day. If you have a child who is about to start brushing, you need to do it in front of him.

This way, your child will try to brush his teeth and you should let him do. It may take some time but your child will finally learn to brush.

5. Motivate your Child

Some children need the motivation to pick habits and practice them. You need to be patient in this case and look for ways to keep your child motivated.

For example, you can reward your child when they brush their teeth without giving you a tough time. You can create fun stories to encourage them to fight bacteria by brushing their teeth etc.

6. Before Bed Precautions

You need to make a rule that no more food before going to bed. This means, once your child brushes his teeth, he is not allowed to eat anything after it.

Therefore, there is no room for midnight snacks. You need to ensure that your child goes to bed with a full stomach so that he does not feel hungry in the middle of the night again.

7. Have a Conversation

Not with toddlers, but when your child is big enough to understand things. You should talk with them about the significance of dental health.

When you communicate about the sensitivity of the teeth or the benefits of having perfect teeth, they are likely to practice brushing and flossing more than before.

Bottom Line

Maintaining children’s oral or dental health seem a time-consuming task. However, it is not. You only need to work with them until they develop healthy habits.


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