8 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Watch

A watch is not only an item that tells you time, or a status symbol. It also mirrors the character of the owner. Your watch can speak volumes about you, whether you are a sporty person or one who spends a lot of time in the office, the watch you wear will reflect it.


Choosing watches may sound easy, but in truth, there are a lot of factors to consider. You’d want your watch to be functional, stylish, and will last for many years. For what they say is true, that the right watch, in the right hands, could go a long way.

With that said, check out the list below to know more about the things you should consider before purchasing a watch.

The first thing you would need to establish is the amount of money that you are willing to spend and the corresponding watch that you wish to acquire with that amount.

To fully understand what you are getting yourself into, it is best that you first do some personal research online to see the available timepieces that are included in your budget.

Watches come with a multitude of unique characteristics that are designed to suit various individual’s lifestyle and taste. A watch’s design is mainly based on both specialized and real-world applications. The piece’s features may vary whether it’s for deep-sea diving, traveling, mountaineering, motor racing, or solely for fashion purposes.

Wearing the right timepiece not only enhances your visage, but it also effectively projects your aspirations, priorities, and passions. As they say, you can catch a load of information about a person through the watch they wear.

When you are planning to purchase a luxury watch, it’s vital to opt for a brand that has already established an excellent reputation for its quality craftsmanship. A lot of people acknowledge that sporting a well-known piece from one of the most reputable Swiss watchmakers such as Breitling, Rolex, Omega, and TAG Heuer, is efficient in conveying your preferences without much said.

However, choosing a rare piece or a distinct exclusive model, or even going for an Italian or French alternative like Panerai or Cartier, will also effectually invite curiosity.

Luxury watches are known for using different materials, and you need to understand each one to pick out the best watch for you. You can choose stainless steel, which has excellent versatility and value, or Titanium, which has similar qualities to steel, although it is hypoallergenic and more lightweight.

If you want a natural patina over time, then Gold is the material for you. However, if you want your timepiece to be scratch-free, opt for Ceramic, which is known to be scratch-resistant. Lastly, if you’re going to have different straps every day, such as rugged NATO nylon, exotic stingray, and smooth calfskin, choose a watch that is made with changeable straps.

Typically, a high-end timepiece is powered through a mechanical movement, which is commonly displayed by a transparent case. However, this refined micro-engineering is considerably expensive. Thus, a lot of people opt for a cheaper battery-powered quartz movement.

Every luxury timepiece is made by expert artisans who use high-quality materials and subject their products to countless tests for quality control. There is a lot of innate value that corresponds to a multitude of benefits – the quality of the build and reliable precision being the first of many.

In the case of quartz and mechanical, luxury timepieces are more voraciously regulated and better crafted. Generally, they are known to wear more naturally and offer more defense from flaws compared to cheaper watches.

When we talk about resistance, its primary concern is about the watch’s water or magnetic resistance. A 30m rating means that the watch can withstand minor splashes and rain. Furthermore, you’d need a notably higher level of resistance if you want to take it deep-sea diving, swimming, SCUBA, or snorkeling.

You should also note that the mentioned water resistance is only applicable to the case. Thus, if you intend to use it for diving or swimming, make sure that the rubber strap or bracelet is also fit for the activity.

There’s nothing that can peeve you out more than purchasing a complex watch and finding out you don’t know how to use it when you reach your house. Based on the type of complication it has, there may be specific instances or periods when you should not make any adjustments for the mechanism is active.

In terms of mechanical timepieces, note the power reserve duration, so you would know how frequently you need to wear or wind the watch. Moreover, inquire about the consequences of over-winding.

Although it may seem tempting, buying a watch on impulse is not wise. If you want your watch to perfectly exude the image you want to convey without compromising functionality, you need to know what you need to look out for. Spend your money wisely and determine what timepiece you want.


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