A Guide On Utilizing 3 Essential Tools From GogoPDF

Searching for the best online tool that can alleviate your task in file format modification is an easy task. Once you search for it on the internet, you can find several web-based tools. However, some tools do not have beginner-friendly procedures. You must always put in mind to look for web-based tools that the experts have approved.


One of the most known web-based tools is GogoPDF. If you need to add a watermark, encrypt a password to your PDF file, and decrypt a password to your PDF file, GogoPDF offers the best tools for that. Here are the procedures on how to use the above-mentioned tools:

How To Add A Watermark On A PDF File

Today, posting a PDF file online, such as a social media account, you may not take full ownership of that file. Other people might steal your file’s content. You don’t want that problem to occur to you since you strive hard to create that file. One way to prevent that problem is by putting a watermark on your PDF file.

Placing a watermark on your PDF file is a tedious process. However, using a reliable tool will prevent you from having a mixed and complicated process. You can try to use the Add Watermark To PDF tool of GogoPDF to have the smoothest and quickest way of placing a watermark to your PDF file.

To begin, choose your desired PDF file and put it in GogoPDF’s system. After that, you can now add a watermark to your PDF file. You can also have a variety of choices in adding a watermark. You can type a text or grab an image to represent your watermark. Once finished, GogoPDF will begin analyzing and adding a watermark to your PDF file.

Lastly, once your file is finished, you can begin downloading your newly watermarked PDF file and can be shared online without any worries! With GogoPDF, adding a watermark has been doable. Its advanced system made the steps much easier compared to other web-based tools.

How To Lock A PDF File

Without passwords, the online world will be a chaotic place. Everybody can access your social media account and webmail account. Therefore, there will be no privacy. If your files contain essential and confidential pieces of information, you don’t want other people to have access to it. That’s why passwords are necessary to gain privacy in all forms.

However, adding a password to your PDF file may take so much time. But, if you are using the right tool, that will never be a problem. Luckily, GogoPDF offers to easily encrypt a password to your PDF file using the most straightforward steps that even those new in using online tools can easily do.

To start, you must choose a file from your device and place it on GogoPDF’s tool. Once done, you can now put a password to your file. Your password must be alpha-numeric and has both lower and upper cases. Once finished, GogoPDF will start analyzing and encrypting a password to your PDF file.

The process might take a minute or less to finish. After that, you can begin downloading your newly password-encrypted PDF file. This task has never been this easy. All thanks to GogoPDF for allowing it to make the procedures quickly done. 

How To Unlock A PDF File

It is true that adding a password to your PDF file can increase security for your file’s content sake. The problem with password-protected files is that once you forget the password, there is no turning back. If you think that there are no underlying threats to your file, you can unlock it anytime using a tool that can easily do it.

GogoPDF can unlock your PDF file anytime using the quickest and most straightforward procedure. To start, you must choose a password-encrypted PDF file from your device and put it in GogoPDF’s system. After that, GogoPDF will start to analyze and decrypt your PDF file.

Once file decryption is finished, you can start downloading your newly decrypted PDF file. Unlocking a PDF file has not always been this easy. Thanks to the sophisticated technology of GogoPDF, it has made this task easier!


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