A Look at the Top Seven Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Were you aware that up to 10% of men under the age of forty are said to suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction? While this condition is most often associated with older age groups, the fact of the matter is that males of all ages may experience ED.

In order to appreciate the treatment options at your disposal, it is important to recognise that ED can result from both physical and psychological issues. Let us therefore take a look at seven mental states which have been known to have an impact on this condition.

Performance Anxiety

It can be argued that performance anxiety is one of the most common factors associated with ED. Men who are overly concerned about pleasing their partner can quickly become nervous about any perceived inadequacy – directly leading to the symptoms of this condition.

Generalised Stress and Anxiety

In the same respect, even more generalised feelings of stress can lead to ED. It’s interesting to note here that this psychological condition is also associated with discrete physical ailments such as high blood cholesterol and obesity – both conditions which share a relationship with erectile dysfunction.


It is a well-known fact that psychological thought patterns and emotions can have a very real impact upon the physical health of the body. It therefore makes perfect sense that bouts of depression may often result in cases of erectile dysfunction. In this instance, feelings of sadness and low self-worth can impede signals sent from the brain to other portions of the body (such as the blood vessels within the penis).

Relationship Issues

It has also been shown that those who are experiencing relationship problems are more likely to experience issues with their sexual performance. While there are many individual variables which can lead to ED, a combination of stress and interpersonal anxiety are definite contributing factors.

Furthermore, it can be extremely difficult to obtain and maintain an erection if the emotional connection between two individuals is lost. This is why men who are diagnosed with psychologically induced ED may benefit from the help of a relationship counsellor.

Pornography Addiction

Although the research is somewhat mixed on this subject, it is thought that males who are addicted to pornography are more likely to suffer from issues with their sexual performance. Why is this the case? One belief is that excessive exposure to pornography can lead to a desensitised approach to sex as a whole.

In the same respect, some males may begin to compare their partner to pornographic actresses. Those with low levels of self-esteem could likewise become ashamed of their bodies or their perceived levels of sexual prowess. There is also evidence which suggests that the brain becomes adapted to such forms of artificial stimulation; leading to lower levels of physical attraction and desire.


Guilt is another common causal factor in many cases of ED. When paired with lower levels of self-esteem, the cycle becomes clear. A male is afraid that he will be unable to please his partner. In turn, a higher degree of self-induced stress is present before and during intercourse.

In the event that ED does indeed become present, this guilt will inevitably manifest itself more frequently. This can result in a vicious cycle; potentially leading to more pronounced symptoms in the future.

Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem has already been mentioned throughout the article, and while it is a common symptom when paired with other psychological conditions, it should be noted that it can also represent the sole root of ED. In other words, a man could feel completely confident in every other portion of his life other than his sexual performance. Self-esteem can be even more inhibiting if he believes that he is not as attractive as his partner.

So, we can see that there are many psychological components associated with ED. If you suspect that you might be suffering from one or more of these conditions, it is best to speak with a professional. Those who obtain the proper advice and guidance are highly likely to overcome sexual problems, and as a result, both partners will remain fulfilled.


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