A Quick Guide To Conduct A Surgical Strike On Flight Anxiety

For once in our lives, we all must have fantasized our first flying experience! At least till the time, we had a real time experience of how it feels to be in the middle of the sky! To be exact in the calculation, nearly 37000 feet above the ground level!

Woh! Devilishly High! Isn’t it? 

Sure enough, in today’s time ‘flying’ is a dime a dozen type of experience and may not be the cause of sending down the shiver to most of the spines! But there is still a great percentage of people who finds it much easier to die than to undertake a flying journey!

Take my word for it, the emotion is real with no pretense and exaggeration in it!

In general terms, we call it flight anxiety’!

Now, what is it that profusely contribute to such a degree of fear and anxiety in people with respect to flying?

The reasons may vary from person to person! Just as we can understand that any bad experience has the potential to instill the negative fears and connotations about it in our minds. So does any negative instance about flying have the power to implant fear and anxiety within us in relation to the particular event of flying?

A past trauma of losing a loved one in a plane crash could be the probable seed of flying anxiety. Or maybe the fear pattern such as claustrophobia, acrophobia can become the stimuli to instigate the flight anxiety within oneself. The instances may stem from a bad flying experience to hearing the negative news of crash and accidents.

But what follows is what call for our attention and needs to be dealt with to uproot the flight anxiety from the root.

Based on the instilled fears, our minds, therefore, subconsciously get programmed to perceive and expect the worst case scenarios. Also, our fears get multiplied at a speed of rocket becoming the ultimate hindrance in our way of experiencing a normal flying experience.

Despite us having a clear understanding of the fact that we are just acting out of our own fears, our anxiety hijacks our ability to think beyond it leaving us utterly helpless and crippled in the given situation!

We will deeply get into the facts about ‘Flying anxiety’ and elaborate upon the useful measures to tighten our grip over it!

To give a tough fight to flight anxiety, it becomes very important for us to reprogram our minds based on the real factors completely wading-away the acquired fear pattern of flight anxiety.

There are many ways to deal with it, the umbrella term given to the reconditioning of the mind is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Before elaborating upon the different tactics of this therapy, I would like to state a few facts that will bust half of your fears pertaining to the flight anxiety!

  • Do you know air travel has been marked as the safest mode of transportation
  • An Airplane has the capacity to land even without a single engine
  • More than 100000 flights are scheduled on a daily basis
  • The aircraft goes through extensive checking before their actual departure
  • Do you know the rate of road accidents is about 5million against 20 accidents in flying

Do you know the person suffering from the flight anxiety won’t take much from the above-stated facts as his mind is under the strict condition of releasing the stress hormones as soon as he takes note of the word ‘flying’?

So the corrective measure is to train the mind based on the real-time training and not feeding upon the facts and figures. Sure enough, the quoted points will bring a chance for the mind to think in a new direction but there is much more needed to bring it out from the clasp of flight anxiety.

There is a simple rule to which we must bring our attention that our mind believes the ‘experiential reality’ and not just the theoretical facts. So, it is pertinent to align our curative theory with the experiential phenomenon so that we can work at a deeper level of our understanding.

Just the way a bad instance has shaped a mind to perceive a negative perception about flying, similarly we need to recreate the flying experience of a better version.

Here is a quick guide that will help you to recreate a pleasant flying experience:

  1. Accept your fears: Accept the fact that there is a need to untie a knot to better your flying experience. Just as they say, ‘What you resist, persists’. The more you will deny and run away from the reality of your perception about fearful flying experience, difficult it would be to overcome your flight anxiety.

  2. Strengthen your ‘will’ and ‘courage’: Know that your mind will put you through many challenges and exercise strong resistance in the way of your overcoming flight anxiety The only thing that can put you on the other side of your fear is your strong will and determination. Once you are strong-willed to sway through the delusional world of flying based fears, there is nothing that can stop you from having a normal rather enjoyable flying experience.
  3. Don’t be hard on yourself: What is important for you is to see through the whole experience of flying. So, if you feel the need to distract yourself in the middle of the process, it is perfectly alright. You can listen to the music, engage in some other activities or can sleep during the flight if required but don’t leave the battle of overcoming your fear in the middle. The idea is to consciously experience a parallel flying experience while your mind will constantly look out for the evidence to prove it a bad flying experience.

  4. Be patient: The most important aid needed for you to overcome your flying anxiety is patience. It is not necessary that it all might function perfectly in a single go. It might take you more than one flight experience to rewrite the story from scratch. The one thing that will keep you going is your ability to stay patient.

    Your conscious decision of making your little-wins the stepping-stones of improving your flying experience is in fact, the strongest weapon you can possess to combat your flying anxiety.

Who knows, a little achievement of overcoming your flight anxiety can become the greatest strength of your life. There is absolutely no need for you to put yourself through the trail of criticism once you encounter the reality of having acute fight anxiety.

In fact, that is the time when you need to patiently introspect and understand the dynamics of your own psychology and make conscious efforts to sail through the impediments of your mind.

It is very important to note that you must undertake this journey with a deep sense of compassion and empathy for yourself. Else your surface level efforts will make you fall even deeper in the pit of flying anxiety.

Fearless Flyer is an expert institution that provides professional assistance to the people so that they can bravely confront their fear of flying. The specially designed courses will help you attain a greater confidence and clarity to undertake your flying journey with much ease and comfort.


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