Benefits of a luxury villa vacation that will surprise you

When in Thailand, nothing beats the extravagance, privacy, and indulgences offered by a private luxury villa. Whether you are interested in one that has an ocean view or one that is perched on top of a hill surrounded by breathtaking views, you have to admit that the benefits of a luxury villa vacation far overshadow those of a traditional hotel stay. 

Today, villas are all the rage. Before, the 5-star hotel was once the ultimate luxury experience but luxury villas have stepped in to offer travellers more privacy, access to exotic locations and private beaches, and of course, the private chefs. For any eager beaver keen to avoid crowded pools and the general chaos of most hotel atmospheres, here are some benefits of a luxury villa vacation that will surprise you:

Villas can accommodate a travelling group of any size

If you are travelling in a group, then the benefits of a luxury villa cannot be outweighed. Villas offer plenty of communal living space so if spending time together is a priority on your trip, then villas are the way to go. There are plenty of options for luxury villas in Thailand, both indoor and outdoor that can offer your group the choice of fresh air and sun or air-conditioning, which is usually a God-sent in Thailand’s tropical heat.


Do you prefer showers or bathtubs? Maybe you prefer both! In any case, with villas, you never have to decide because a villa vacation means that you can travel and relax to your own beat. Villas can give you a level of personalization that cannot be found or matched by hotel rooms. Because your villa is like your own private hotel, you can customize your vacation experience to suit your taste, lifestyle or preferences.

Nothing else can beat the space

Luxury villas are designed to have a fundamental sense of space. When looking for a luxury villa to rent in Thailand, you can expect open professional kitchens, grand living rooms and sophisticated outdoor pavilions for relaxation. Some villas even come with theatre and game rooms so that you can make the most of your vacation. While 5-star hotels do have spacious suites, nothing can beat the space offered by a villa.

Hotel rates are more expensive

If you compare, you will find that the room rates at villas tend to be a lot more affordable compared to 5-star hotels. Whether you want a villa with three rooms or ten, villas are exclusive, come with self-contained facilities such as kitchens that can allow you to save on your travels, as well as private beach access. Try finding a hotel room that can beat the value of a villa!


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