Benefits of Artificial Grass

The sales market for artificial grass is growing fast enough. Encouraged by a combination of manufacturing techniques that would be better if coupled with awareness and long-term environmental and economic benefits. At first this artificial grass was very limited, and only for indoor sports activities. Until a lot of futsal, field contractors appear, and various services to develop a sports venue that uses artificial grass.

The following 3 benefits are grouped differently:

1. Lifestyle and ease of use

There is no doubt that our busy lives are so valuable when we can change our existing routines to become more efficient. Mowing the lawn can take 2 to 3 hours of your time in a week, and even then for a normal garden size, what if the size is bigger? Artificial grass does not need to be treated too often. It is said that there are 2 people who really feel helped by this artificial grass.
– Parents who are no longer physically strong to cut their grass.
– The owner of the villa is not always there to take care of the lawn of his villa. In addition, the costs incurred by artificial grass are quite cheap when compared to ordinary grass.

2. Problems related to the environment

The weather that appears warmer gives pressure in the use of water, such as the installation of water pipes that can damage natural grass, but different from artificial grass.
– There are no carbon emissions from gasoline when referring to lawnmowers.
– Does not require fertilizer.

3. Special things

Quite a surprise for some people with a variety of artificial grass that can be used in a variety of activities. Here’s a shortlist:

– As a dog playing area, running/walking.
– As a barrier between a swimming pool with a splash of splashing water that flows back.
– Roof grass, a roof that is unable to withstand the burden of natural grass can be replaced using artificial grass which also means that you don’t need to do the cutting.
– As a supporter of an outdoor event, such as a wedding with the concept of nature for example.

The narrowness of the land and the practical lifestyle, especially in urban areas, have led to various alternatives in residential design. One of them is the presence of artificial grass. At first, this grass was only used for football. But over time, artificial grass has also begun to become popular and used as decoration for the yard. But the use of artificial grass for the yard is still fairly minimal. Various basic weaknesses, such as not absorbing water and are flammable are the main obstacles. Even so, if cared for properly, the presence of artificial grass will be more leverage. Here we summarize how to care for artificial grass, especially for the needs of your home. But first, we must understand how to install artificial grass.Artificial grass is installed with special nails on the cement floor. Usually also uses special glue. This glue can reduce its adhesion if exposed to excess fluid, for example when it rains. Friction of the feet also has the potential to make the grass easily separated because of the pull from the footwear when shifting. For home, check artificial grass at least once a month. For futsal court, check at least once a week.

Moreover, it is not uncommon for futsal players to not wear t-shirts so that their sweat drips quickly, making the grass wet quickly. The habit of spitting should also be avoided.

First, you must ensure that the artificial grass you choose is really high quality. For example, you can check the strength of the adhesive glue on the cross-section of the grass.

Second, make sure the location of artificial grass is far from fire potential. So for example put in the kitchen, must be away from the source of the fire.

Third, you must realize that artificial grass is not made for water absorbency, so for those needs, you can make it yourself. For example, by making infiltration wells in the yard where you put the artificial grass.

Meanwhile, you can use artificial grass not only to decorate the yard, but also the walls and interior of the house. Therefore, if you are interested in using artificial grass make sure that you really put it according to its function.

Artificial grass has several types and each type has its own uses, for example, sports artificial grass, garden artificial grass, and decorative artificial grass. Depending on the type and use of artificial grass, the specifications of artificial grass also vary, so that it causes the price of artificial grass to vary greatly from one type to another. You must ensure that the artificial grass you choose is suitable for its purpose. Usually the resistance of artificial grass along with the price. In the sense that the more expensive artificial grass means the quality and durability are also getting longer.

Artificial grass rarely collects bacterial spores compared to natural grass; however, this is still possible especially if you have pets. If you feel that bacteria has spread, attach the spray head to the garden hose and flush all the artificial grass in the yard. Spray and brush the artificial grass once a week. Use a garden hose to spray the grass. This step will keep the grass looking fresh and get rid of spills and odors. After watering, use a broom or pitchfork to wipe the artificial grass to keep the grass upright and help the yard look beautiful.

If you use artificial grass for outdoor use, try not to step on artificial grass during the winter. Snow and ice alone won’t damage the grass, but walking too often on it will also make the snow turn into a thin layer of ice. If it’s too late, avoid the temptation to get rid of the ice because it can damage the grass leaves. Instead, wait for snow and ice naturally. Try not to use salt to melt snow or ice. Residue can damage the back of the grass carpet and reduce the effectiveness of yard drainage.


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