Best File Converter – Things to Know

Today we are going to talk about the best file converter. What it does, its functions and how it is different from other converters, but first we need to know what is a file converter.

What is File Converter?

A File converter is a software which helps us to convert different files into different formats. For eg., if you want to convert a photo into an icon then you do not need to write a code for that, you can easily do it with the file converting software. This software makes converting a file very easy and less time consuming, you can make funny gifs, convert MP4 into MP3, change the .png image into .jpg etc.

OnlineConvertFree best in the business

Now the question is, which software is best for converting your file?

And the answer to that question is

Judging by its name OnlineConvertFree is an online file converting software which helps you in converting your files into various formats and it is free of cost, you do not have to pay for a single dime for converting your files into different formats and saving a lot of time.

How OnlineConvertFree is different from other software.

OnlineConvertFree is very fast and converts your file in 10-20 second.

OnlineConvertFree deals in many categories of formats(like- Documents, Books, Audio, Images, Archive etc.,)

OnlineconvertFree is free of cost and still does the Best Files convert. The files are converted perfectly and you will not have any problem accessing your file in the new format.

OnlineConvertFree is very secure, your files are not in any kind of danger. They are secure from hackers and getting corrupt.

How to convert your files

Step 1:- Go and click on the link mentioned above

Step 2:- After opening the page, click on the blue box says ‘Choose File’

Step 3:- Now choose the file you want to convert

Step 4:- After choosing the file, select the format in which you want to convert your file.

Step 5:- Click on ‘Convert’ button, wait for a few seconds and you will see the option of ‘Download’. Download the file and see your file has been converted in your desired format.

Online Converter

Now you guys must be wondering the difference between the Online Converter and Offline Converter.

You can convert any file in the online converter without downloading the software. For the offline converter, you need to download a software which takes a little space in your system.

The online converter is more accurate than the offline converter because before downloading the software, there is no possible way of finding what the software can actually do.

The offline converter has more options than the online converter but you need to download the whole software for that. If you do not use the converter regularly then you should use an online converter.

The online converter depends upon the speed of the internet, if the speed is good then it will give results before the offline converter.

Free Converter

There are many free file converter and also many paid file converter.

Now we all know that any free version of the software cannot compare with the paid version because the paid version always has more options, faster work rate, ads-free etc.

But the OnlineConvertFree is one the converter which gives you the best result possible in very less time and has all of the formats which you can access and convert your file. It is the best free converter on the Internet, it is very efficient and delivers the file as good in shape as it can be. It almost feels like you are operating in a paid version.


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