Best Foods To Eat On Weekend


Are you counting down to the end of the week or potentially a decently long break from work? You’re most likely anticipating heading off to a gallery, cleaning your home, or making up for lost time with your most loved TV shows. But wait, for what reason not move in the kitchen with a day-long (or even two-day-long) challenge? Hence just sit back and understand the most basic methods of the food that you would love to devour over the weekend. From a lovely birthday cake to smoked brisket to juicy tender chicken recipes, here are some genuine recipes to help practice your cooking muscle when you have some additional time to kill. And also some offers if you feel like just eating the delicious food minus the work.

1. ArbiKe Kebab


The Arbi(Colocasia)Ke Kebab Recipe is a veggie starter that you can make for your gatherings. Arbi is a vegetable when cooked and pounded has a tendency to be extremely gooey. To deal with this gooeyness, include crisply hacked cabbage, onions, almonds, and peppercorns. Searing these kebabs brings out tasty kinds of this vegetable and makes it nutritious as well.

Serve the Arbi Kebabs and serve them instantly alongside Green Chutney.


Colocasia is bland, crunchy, beefy underground root vegetable. The root is free from gluten, and includes great wellspring of dietary fiber, cell reinforcements, minerals, and vitamins, which helps in great processing, averts clogging.


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2. Indo Japanese Rice Cakes


Daintily fresh and crunchy starter with a delicate inward, these Indo Japanese Rice Cakes Recipe can be served at the next gathering you are facilitating. Straightforward flavors a cooked rice set up together to make this lip-smacking nibble.

Indo Japanese Rice Cakes Recipe is a delectably smooth starter which is light fresh outwardly and smoothes within. The cooked rice is prepared with basic salt and pepper and a dash of soy sauce with crunchy onions and capsicum to make these rice cakes.

Serve the Indo Japanese Rice Cakes Recipe as a canapé alongside Spicy Vegetarian Thai Noodle Bowl Recipe took after by a pastry of Tender Coconut Ice Cream Recipe.


This culturally mixed recipe is one worth dying for and you should most definitely get yourself going to make this delicacy. I mean how could you not? But besides being super tasty it is most definitely very healthy and most definitely light on the stomach. Besides who doesn’t love a healthy nutritious starter.


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3. Masala French Toast


Masala French Toast is an impeccable combination formula which you can make for your breakfast with no time. It is an ideal blend of toast, eggs, and vegetables, which isn’t just sound yet in addition exceptionally tasty to eat.

Just beat the eggs in a blending dish.

Include drain, beat it again and ensure that it is blended appropriately. Include stew pieces, salt, and dark pepper.

When it is done, warm oil in a wide skillet. Take a bread cut, plunge it in the egg blend and put it on the container.

Spread some onion, green chilies and coriander on the highest point of bread and pour some egg blend on it once more.

Turn the bread and let the opposite side likewise cooked appropriately. When it turns light dark colored in shading, remove it from the stove and it is prepared to be served


This recipe which supposedly has French heritage is quite popular in Indian Household with quite a lot of people giving it a go in their kitchens and why not considering its nutritious value which is boosted by the presence of egg whites which are an abundant source of Iron and Proteins.

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4. Chicken Biryani(Awadh Style)


Biryani originates from the Mughlai food and makes them flabbergast varieties done in various locales where the Mughals used to the movement.

Biryani is made in various styles in various conditions of India. There can be nothing as filling as a pot brimming with Biryani.

One such astounding rendition originates from the place where there is Awadh and is generally known as Lucknowi Biryani. Awadhi cooking offers some credible Mughlai formulas that is basically unmatchable. From the fragrance to the surface, everything is simply so immaculate in this Biryani.

Serve LucknowiMurgh Biryani with BuraniRaita and Pickled onions to appreciate this lip-smacking dish.

To influence the marinade for the chicken, in a blending to bowl, consolidate chicken, curd, lemon juice, red stew powder, turmeric, coriander powder, and some salt.

Warmth oil in a major work or a handi on medium fire, and include all the flavor flavor

Once the oil begins isolating, add the marinated chicken to the handi alongside the marinade blend and mix well.

At the point when the chicken masala starts to thicken, include the coconut and khuskhus glue and new cream into it. Blend appropriately till everything consolidates well.

Modify salt and flavors to suit your taste.

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5. Chicken Pizza With Red Sauce


Flame Broiled Chicken with caramelized onion makes an awesome combo to be included to your pizza base. We have made the pizza base with a blend of entire wheat flour to give a provincial flavor too. You can make this pizza at home and move your relatives for a unique end of the week supper.

Chicken Pizza With Red Sauce will be a most loved pizza of all. In this formula, we have caramelized the onion to make it like a stick, flame broiled the chicken and afterward spread it over the base to make a heavenly tasting pizza.

Pizza is a dish that is eaten as a festival feast amid an amusement, or similarly as a social gathering supper for an end of the weeknight. In this formula, we have finished an entire wheat pizza base with a flavourful tomato based sauce, flame-broiled chicken and some caramelized onions.

Pizza is thought to be one of the real pieces of junk food yet you can simply keep it solid by making it natively constructed with an entire wheat base and including any vegetables of your decision of fixing.

Again there aren’t a lot of healthy nutrients that you can take out of this meal but it is most definitely one lip-smacking prep of a food.

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Healthy living is most definitely the best way of living which includes a healthy diet as well as regular exercises that make you fit. A diet is the most important part of living properly hence it becomes imperative that you make a proper chart of what you’re eating and what kind of exercises you need to do in order to maintain your body both physically and mentally. Hence exercise may be important but the true success in achieving fitness goals can only be acquired through a consistent diet regime.


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