Camping Activities to Enjoy with the Whole Family

Camping with the kids is endless fun for everyone involved! Adventures to the outdoors create memories that last a lifetime for you and your entire family, and there is a heap of ways to make that experience all the more memorable. By engaging in fun camping activities you’ll be ensuring that everyone is active, entertained and enjoying themselves to the max! Here are just ideas for camping activities that the whole family can enjoy:

Be active

Games and sports that get everyone’s blood pumping are absolutely fantastic for camping trips. You can start a game of football or touch footy out on the site to bond with the other families on or why not start up a session of Capture the Flag? For smaller kids, simple interactive games like Tag and Duck Duck Goose will burn some energy.

Pack up some board games

Always come prepared! Packing a few easy to set up board games will curb any restlessness amongst the family on slower days. Just be sure to only pack games that have minimal accessories, the campsite is the perfect place to lose your dice!

Have a healthy hike

Hiking is incredibly good for you and your kids. It’s a classic camping activity and a great way to burn a sunny morning. Play games like eye-spy or do some litter collection to keep the whole family engaged. You can even do some bird or nature watching, bring along a notebook or a camera to capture the memories.

Grab a deck of cards

A deck of cards has a lot of entertainment potential. You and the kids can play a few of your favorite games, and the rest of the campsite can pitch some ideas to make it more of a social affair! Card games are perfect for quiet times, rainy days or chilled out evenings.

Go orienteering

Camping is the perfect opportunity to go on a full-blown adventure with your kids! Orienteering only needs the family, a compass and a map and you’re good to go! Lookup a few trekking trails before your trip to put yourself in the best starting position.

Get creative with cooking

Cooking shouldn’t be left entirely to the adults! By getting your kids involved in the outdoor kitchen you’ll be educating them on how to provide for themselves! Learning new, useful skills is never a waste of time so this really is a great activity to do when you’re on a family camping trip. Get the younger ones to help put together your meal plan before you go, that way they’ll be excited to be involved when the time comes to get cooking!

Build a campfire

Gathering around the campfire to tell stories, sing songs and roast marshmallows are one of those idyllic camping scenes that everyone dreams of, so why not make it a reality? Building a campfire is a useful skill for your whole family to learn and its great fun too.

Put on a play!

Kids love to put on a performance, and you guys can really put together something memorable at the campground! Round the kids up to encourage them to make new friends and help them out by offering up your services as a stagehand. This is a great way to burn up an evening and to spark your kids’ creative imaginations. With so many options for camping activities, why stop at these? Sit down with your kids and make a list of everything you guys can get up to on your next outdoor adventure. Look into a few camping activities that you and your kids can enjoy at the same time, adults need entertainment too after all!


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