CBD Oil for CATS with Anxiety

A major problem faced by cat owners is the anxiety troubles in cats. Every cat owner looks for natural ways to cure the cat’s condition.

 Such kind of condition comes from a number of factors. Though, it is clearly defined that the major cause behind the anxiety condition is the cat’s bad experiences in the past. 

CBD Oil for CATS

Without any doubt, the pharmaceutical drugs exist to solve the anxiety problems in cats, but every cat owner is willing to find a natural cure which is not inviting any ill-effects due to the intake or use of CBD for natural treatment.

The recent time has recorded that many pet owners have changed from prescription or medicinal drugs to CBD for treating anxiety problems faced by cats

Felines can be calmed down with a number of herbal remedies, but with CBD it is really much more effective. It happens due to the endocannabinoid system which is present in every mammal. The cannabinoids pass through every organ which helps to cure in an easy way. 

Normally, CBD comes under the category of “natural remedy” which is completely non-virulent that can treat several health problems, including the anxiety condition.  

Now, the main question which might come in the mind of every cat owner is – How CBD can be used for treating a cat with anxiety problem? For your answer, continue the reading.

Let’s talk about “Feline Anxiety”

When defining anxiety, one can understand it as a response which emerges out from the body due to any fearful thoughts or stressful past experience. It is a situation which urges the body to show some elusive movement. It could be termed as an opposing response. 

This opposing response is extremely beneficial for protecting any human or cat from any kind of violent activity. Though, with the continuous presence of such an opposing response occurs due to an envisioned fear could turn into a disorder known as anxiety.

During the time when the body any human or a cat comes into a state of anxiousness, then the body gets ready to show an opposing response. In such a state, the normal heart rate increases, muscles start getting ready to show some action, and adrenaline is also produced. When a person or cat feels like standing in a situation of fear, then all this is extremely helpful to get rid of the fearful situation quickly. Though, when such a condition is not present, then it turns out to affect the body to come down into a normal state of living. Sometimes, when the anxiety condition gets worse, then it turns out to be very devastating to the body experiencing it, whether it is a cat or any human.

Symptoms of anxiety disorder in a cat

It is unfortunate that a cat can’t describe any cat owner about the feeling of anxiousness. Though, the behavior can act as a sign to show some anxiety symptoms in a cat. Some common type of symptoms which can be observed in feline anxiety include the following:

1. Fatigue and sluggishness

2. Scraping away furniture

3. Heavyweight loss

4. No feeling of hunger

5. Immoderate meowing

6. Spewing

7. Lying low

8. Hostile etiquette

Different kinds of feline anxiety

Cats experience major anxiety disorders which are extremely scaring for a cat owner to see. Feline anxiety is generally categorized into different types:

Phobia: Phobia occurs due to the imprudent frightfulness in the exterior stimulus. Cats may experience such anxiety due to the loud noise of vacuum cleaner, thunderstorm, and so on.

Condition of mild fear: Mild fear is a situation when a cat starts hiding. Fear comes from past experiences.

The anxiety of separation: It is the most common anxiety disorder experienced by cats. It arises due to the feeling of getting separated from the cat owner.

What is the role of CBD in calming down anxiety?

CBD is originated from hemp, which is a natural potion. In the human body or animal system, CBD makes an interaction with the endocannabinoid system. During the interaction, it helps to improve the “homeostasis process.”  

CBD is a helpful remedy for the following causes:

1. It cures the condition of inflammation.

2. It is a great remedy for relieving from pain.

3. It can help to calm down in a severe anxiety condition.


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