Characteristics of a Good Sperm

Recognize These 3 Indicators A healthy man can expel millions of sperm in one ejaculation. Of the millions of sperm, in the end, there is only one that managed to fertilize an egg. That is, one of the characteristics of a good sperm is the “strong” to get to the egg. Good sperm is closely related to male fertility. Usually, when a man experiences problems with fertility, the doctor will check how the quality of his sperm is first. You can also use supplements to maintain men’s health such as Male Extra. For people who are trying to have children, of course, it’s important to maintain sperm health.

Some characteristics of good sperm include: Sperm count Normally, the number of sperm in each milliliter of semen is 15 million to 200 million. If the sperm count is less than 15 million or less than 39 million at each ejaculation, it means that the sperm count is low (oligospermia). Conversely, sperm counts above 200 million per milliliter of semen are considered high. To calculate the sperm count, a semen analysis will be performed by a doctor or expert. Sperm movement It is very important to ensure that the sperm movement can be maximized to be able to fertilize an egg. The journey of the sperm to get to the egg must swim through the cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes. In normal men, the characteristics of good sperm are 32-75% of all sperm have optimal motility.

Sperm structure

The characteristics of a good sperm are having an oval head and long tail so it can move optimally. The more normal structure or shape of sperm, the more likely a man is to fertilize an egg. Some factors that can affect sperm health include: The pants used Using subordinates ranging from underwear, boxers, to pants that are too tight is not good for sperm health. In addition, the material should also not make heat. Even the suggestion not to wear underwear while sleeping is also related to sperm health.

Alcohol Consuming

Alcohol can interfere with sperm production. First, testosterone production will decrease so that sperm count decreases. Secondly, alcohol is also toxic to cells that produce sperm in the testes. Drugs There are several types of drugs that can affect sperm health, such as steroids or other drugs used in cancer treatment. For this reason, discuss with your doctor if there are concerns that the drugs consumed affect fertility. Environmental poison Radiation can indeed cause birth defects or other disorders. The same thing applies to sperm. Not only that, other dangerous substances such as mercury, pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, and others are also said to have an effect on sperm quality. Smoke Smoking can affect the movement of sperm and sperm health.

There are many ways to improve the quality of sperm, such as eating food for healthy sperm to exercise diligently. Some simple ways to improve sperm quality are: Maintain ideal body weight Eating lots of fruits and vegetables as antioxidants Prevent sexually transmitted infections Manage stress Actively moving Do not smoke and drink alcohol Avoid exposure to toxic substances from the surroundings Keep the scrotal area (sacs wrapped around the testicles) cool, such as using loose underwear, avoid saunas, and avoid soaking in hot tubs Maintaining sleep quality As much as possible to avoid the consumption of certain drugs (or find alternatives) Get enough vitamin D Limit consumption of foods high in estrogen.


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