Common Questions about CBD Oil for Dogs Cancer

The statistics are not promising – every second dog after the age of eight (or 10, in smaller breeds) suffers from some form of cancer. This disease is not deadly in pups, but it is often so harmful to the body that the causes of death are damage to some vital organs that have not been affected by the tumor. 

On the page below, find out about warning signs in dogs suffering cancer:

As with humans, the leading causes of animal cancer are radiation, environmental factors, and genetic predispositions. But what is good news is that timely diagnosis of the disease can significantly affect the dog’s further life.

If good therapy is applied, with specific lifestyle changes, and the use of natural supplements like CBD oil, your furry buddy can live many years without reducing the quality of life. Although many people hesitate to give medical marijuana to their pets, cannabidiol and its products happen to be beneficial in treating many health conditions.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Pets?

CBD oil has been accepted as an alternative method of treatment for many diseases, both in humans and animals. It has been a long struggle for manufacturers to prove that this product is not an opiate, but rather an extract of marijuana grown solely for medical purposes.

The type of marijuana plant that contains CBD used in pet care products is called hemp. It does not contain psychoactive substances or contains them in a minimal amount. By extracting cannabidiol from this plant, these psychoactive substances are eliminated, or a negligible amount remains. But it does not affect the health of your pet, nor it disturbs the treatment of cancer in dogs.

How CBD Works in Animals with Cancer?

It is not pleasant to watch your beloved pet suffer. Especially since dogs can’t tell you how they feel and whether something hurts them. Thus, the application of CBD oil is a matter of the subjective feeling of the owner. This hemp extract is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which means it reduces the pain and tension in the animal’s body.

It also helps your furry buddy regain appetite, which is very important in preventing immune function in the body. An only strong immunity can fight against cancerous cells. If your pet has no eating disorder, put CBD drops in food. But if pups refuse food, be persistent, and try to give them CBD oil directly in the mouth. It’s how the body quickly absorbs cannabidiol, and it starts to work.

There are some indications that cannabidiol ‘kills’ cancer cells. These are those cells in the animal’s body that are continually growing due to a mutation or damage. Healthy cells at some point ‘die,’ while mutated tissues don’t. Cannabidiol is the one that ‘forces’ infected cells to ‘suicide’ (medical apoptosis) by boosting immunity. And that’s how the spread of cancerous tissues is reduced.

Dosage Dilemma

Although CBD is not a cure but a supplement to conventional treatment, there is a specific dose to be given to every dog. It depends primarily on the weight of your pet, and the concentration of cannabidiol in the product (this amount varies depending on the product type and the manufacturer). There is a specific milliliter that must be adhered to.

You should know the weight of your pet in pounds because you will multiply it with the dosage amount of the product. Always go to the first round number. Then look at the cannabidiol concentration in one milliliter of the product. Divide these two numbers, and you get the quantity (expressed in the number of drops, pills, etc.).

Don’t worry if you give your dog a little more CBD than prescribed – side effects (which you can find out more about at this link) are generally mild. Just in case, always keep your vet noticed about the health condition of your pet and don’t skip scheduled check-ups.

Can You Use CBD for Humans in Pets?

This is workable, but you should adjust the dose. The concentration of cannabidiol in CBD products for humans and animals is not the same. The same goes for the presence of THC. That is why it is best to use products specifically made for dogs.

Always look for labels and tags for organic products that have been tested by independent laboratories. For the best results in treating cancer in a dog, you need CBD obtained from plants that have been bred without the presence of chemicals and other contaminants from soil, water, and air.

Dog owners know how much joy it is to have this cheerful and playful animal by your side. The love and fidelity that a dog provides is a form of purest emotion, without any hidden intentions. That is why responsible owners will strive to provide their dogs with appropriate life conditions and necessary care and to respond to all that love in the best possible way.


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