Cut Expenses by Using Less Vape Juice

CIf you’re here, the chances are that you’ve been going through your vaping juice like nobody’s business. That’s a big no-no because high-quality juice doesn’t come cheap, and that can tear a big hole in your pocket. Looking for ways to use less juice?

Here are four nifty tips that can help you use less juice so you can take your vaping to a whole new and exciting level.

If you are a medium to heavy vaper, using lower nicotine strengths means that you will go through your juice like crazy. Save yourself the hassle (and money) by switching to high nicotine juice. The good news is that online vape shops like offer a great selection of e-liquids. Their swag sauce come in a variety of nicotine levels. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran vaper, there’s swag sauce for you. Salt nicotine is one of the products of swag sauce. Salt nicotineis a kind of nicotine comes from leaf tobacco and is considered to be a more stable form of nicotine

Kicking up the nicotine strength of your juice means that you will get the same amount of vaping goodness and satisfaction but with fewer refills of your tank. In other words, high nicotine swag sauce delivers more satisfaction while allowing you to use less juice.

Go to Step 1

If you want to use less juice, you might want to embrace “retro” vaping. It’s a fancy way of saying go back to the basics of vaping. That means no fancy thrills, no frills, and no tricks like a huge vaping cloud. True to that, the most basic e-cigarettes typically last longer, use less juice, and are more efficient. So, go for basic e-cigs with high atomizer resistance, higher nicotine level, and no fancy mods. Not only will you save on e-liquid, but the batteries will last longer and you will have a more holistic vaping experience.

Use Quality Juice

Not all e-liquids are created equal. Top-notch quality ones like swag sauce deliver unmatched vaping goodness and tend to last longer. Just make sure to buy original, and stick with high-nicotine strengths to save even more on the juice.

Check your E-cig

Cracks and leaks in your e-cig can cost you dearly in refills. Take your vape to the nearest shop and get it fixed before it runs your tank dry. More importantly, disassemble your vaping device every night. This way, you can minimize leaks and save you juice.


There you’ve it – 4 ways to reduce your juice use. Keep track of your usage, and see where you can cut down. More crucially, buy quality e-liquids brands like swag sauce to get a bang for your money and use less juice.


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