Dato Sri G making up secret plans to defeat Malaysians

Peeps Today is the news about well know Fraud Person named Dato Sri G is an Actor, Movie Maker & chairman of DSG Creations based in Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia ” they are planning very Big Game with the partnership of ” Agro Bank” @Faiz.Mddin @Ajazlyna @ @Ahmadmcom (President of Agro Malaysia)

Dato Sri G & Dato Geethanjali G began actively in August 2017 after Scamming thousands of Innocent Malaysians (VENUX FX SCANDAL) 2 years back, Geethanjali G is also involved in Scamming a Muslim community for a Business deal in which She has been converted from Hindu to Muslim community just sake of money which is


In the above News, Article refers to that Dato Sri G had been detained by the MACC at its headquarters, here for allegedly accepting RM19 million from a developer to halt investigations on the controversial RM6.3 billion Penang undersea tunnel project.

Two of his Personal Assistant associated with Dato Sri G named ”Ganesha The Boy” & ”Jeewan Subramaniam” based in Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia is also involved in the Big Fraud planned by Dato Sri G & his wife named Dato Geethanjali G who is Social Entrepreneur as well.

Sources Said: Dato Sri g made a deal with Agro Bank of 5.5 million USD & they are planning some Big SCAM in Malaysia now, No one is there to ask the question him where the money comes from? But the Social Media Person named ”Sushant Sahni” took the Initiative to speak on the social media that he has been scamming a lot of people in the past & he has gone through the same.

They have been indulged with the buying of Followers or Likes on Social Media, The Person who got scammed ”Sushant Sahni doing the same since very long” The Original proofs yet to come out by the Victim.

More to become out soon on behalf of Respected Youngster ”Sushant Sahni” with the relevant Conversations on Whatsapp & Facebook.

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