Datuk Seri indulged in another Big Scam with Social Media Company

Dato Sri G is an actor, film producer and chairman of DSG Creations, but bitter Truth is ”Recently He scammed a Social Media company for some $30,000 to get promoted on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). He started the work with social media company from last August 2017 when he received the funds from Undersea Tunnel Project, so he got arrested on 28th Feb on the Title of ”Datuk Seri” Tunnel Project Scam which is currently under investigation.


From the Sources, we came to know that he has been getting the Followers/Likes to attract public and trying to do Big Scam with his Wife ”Geethanjali G”.

The Guy told in an interview which will be published on their Youtube channel soon.

In March 2018, Dato Sri G had been detained by the MACC at its headquarters, here for allegedly accepting RM19 million from a developer to halt investigations on the controversial RM6.3 billion Penang undersea tunnel project.

So its clearly understood Dato Sri G and Dato Geethanjali G is still doing Fraud with the small companies and People around the world for some thousands of USDs.

A social media company warned Dato Sri G and his manager to pay the funds. Every evidence is against his wife, will be forwarded to Big News Operators to take strict action against them as soon as possible.

Statement of the Guy to be out soon in next Article, Under Investigation.


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