Few Important Things You Don’t Know About The Real Estate Law In Israel

A Question and Answer Period About Real Estate In Israel: Brought To You By David Page Law

We conducted a question and answer page with an associate from David Page Law. Below is an excerpt from what one of their associates had to say.

1. I have property in Israel that I want to sell under my maiden name? How do I do that? Is that possible?

Yes. It is possible. Talk to a real estate lawyer before proceeding. Do you still have the original paperwork for the deed of the house or sale? You should be okay then. Let an experienced real estate law firm Israel has to offer a look at the paperwork. They can tell whether it is authentic or not. They will then hand it over to the TABU. You should be good after that.

2. I need to prove that I own a property. How do I do that?

That depends on the situation, according to a professional real estate lawyer. There is a different agency that handles a specific product. You need to know where you registered the property in Israel. You can do that by asking an experienced real estate law firm Israel has to offer for help. It should also be a matter of public record, depending on where it is. It should be within the Israel Land Administration building. You should look the place up online and speak with someone. You can also find their contact information through David Page.

3. What do I need to know about taxes, if any?

Taxes are very complicated and complex by nature. I do not suggest looking through them by yourself. You will need an experienced real estate lawyer to assist you. You will need to know about the Property Gain and Appreciation taxes, depending on what property you own and where it is. You will also need to know how long you have had the property for. You might be required to pay more money depending on what your property is worth.

4. I am going to buy a property soon in Israel. What do I need to know about the taxes being applied?

You are required to pay a Purchase tax. You could be required to pay anywhere between 3-6% or higher. It depends on the nature of the tax and the land you are buying. You should speak to your lawyer before proceeding. They know the ins and outs of the law better.

5. I have a property under my name. I am looking to transfer it to someone else. What do I need to know before moving forward?

You are going to need some paperwork before proceeding. The paperwork can include but is not limited to: The deed to the house or property and a signed municipal official authenticating everything. You will also need to sign paperwork indicating that all your debts have been paid in full before transferring everything over. The debts portion is a big deal. You cannot hope to proceed unless your debts are clean and clear.

6. I recently inherited property from someone who died. How do I get my name transferred, providing I still want to keep it?

You will need to have the inheritance court order. That authenticates everything. Hand it over to someone in authority. They will handle the rest.

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