Fierce Rivalry Between iOS 13 and Android 10

The urge to make a comparison of two electronic systems or gadgets is always too hard on humans. You want to compare and contrast between this phone and the other, this television and the other, etc. The comparison is typically made in the utmost sincerity and honest way to give a credible solution on which is better than the other.

iOS 13 and Android 10

Drastic changes have been observed day in day out in the technological sector. More and more innovations and updates are happening to make things work out efficiently. It sparkles a reaction from the public, and they will debate on which brand is better and more effective. This article covers insights on these two operating systems on different aspects. The two OS were both initiated this year; iOS 13 from Apple and Android 10 from Google.

Top iOS 13 Features

• Sign-in With Apple

This new feature means that users are now enabled to access third-party websites without compromising the safety of their data. Users are now free of filling out forms and setting up passwords to gain access to some sites.

• Limits on Location Data

Service controls have been introduced in this OS to curtail data sharing with other applications on the location of the user. Users of the iPhone SE are now at liberty to dictate how they will share location data with other applications.

• Revamped Maps

The new maps experience is just on another level with the iOS 13. The tech giant has gone the extra mile of ensuring that the maps on their phones are to perfection. Maps are now more transparent and visible, addresses are precise, a fantastic land cover with top-notch resolution.

Top Android 10 Features

• Foldable Phones

Technology keeps getting more sophisticated and better year in and year out. In any case, if the gadgets are improved, so is their software. Samsung has announced that they could potentially release foldable mobile phones soon. With the foldable phones comes the operating system Android 10.

• Bubbles and Seamless Notification

Users of these devices will now be able to multi-task virtually from anywhere as long as the gadget is a compatible one. Bubbles notification has also substituted the system alert window. The bubbles will appear just like other notifications, even when the phone is locked. Another fantastic thing is that the bubbles will follow you as you navigate to other windows and applications.

• Screen Recorder

It is a stunning feature where users are enabled to record videos of what is happening on their screen at the moment. They will also be able to speak, and their voice captured as the video recording is taking place.

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Battling It Out

1. Privacy Issues

Apple seems to be so engrossed with security matters. This is an exciting thing ensuring your safety as the customer. The OS will allow users to automatically silence unknown callers.

The sign-in feature with iOS 13 commits to the privacy of the user and protects their data while Android 10 users will key in their data most of the time when accessing some websites.

2. Maps Appearances

Google’s maps are more advanced and precise addresses. The users can see streets in 3D and can even see inside some buildings. This is a significant milestone that the iPhone SE users are yet to receive from their OS.

3. Messaging Features

Messages in the iOS 13 can all be stored on Cloud sync, and one can get them once they migrate to another device. With Android, you are sure to lose your messages. iPhone SE users enjoy memoji and Dark mode features in their messaging, but Android 10 users lack this.

iOS 13 proves to be much better in most of the aspects, but Android 10 is also okay in some features. Sell any of the OS bearing gadgets at sell my mobile and get value for your money.


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