Girls Like Strong Men: Several Factors That Will Help Make Basic Life Decisions

Life sweeps so swiftly that many of us when making any decisions, are not even sure of the awareness of their choice. These 7 factors will help you always make the right decisions, relying only on the most important thing – your values and principles.


The Money Factor

Many people overestimate the value of money. At the same time, it is impossible to deny the importance of high wages. As for you, you must decide what role money plays in your life. The level of your income is directly proportional to the degree of your employment. So, you need to understand how much freedom you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of money and whether your earnings will compensate you your time. Money can provide personal comfort, but, having satisfied basic needs, in the future they will cease to bring happiness. You will have new desires outside of material wealth. Therefore, it is necessary to draw the line that divides life into these two categories of needs.

Girls Like Strong Men

Status factor

Despite the fact that many ridicule the status, calling it ineffective, most people still try to follow it. And if the status itself is an intangible and rather social concept, then its external attributes have completely real properties. As a rule, all this is connected to brands. People wear Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, just because it classically distinguishes them from the consumer crowd. Fashion has always been an instrument for the segregation of society, where the mission of preserving status is more important than the external appearance. A similar example can be cited with cars. A person wishing to confirm his or her status will buy a Mercedes or a Range Rover, even if these cars are less reliable than the same Toyota. The desire to comply with the status determines many of our decisions.

Workload factor

Maintaining a balance between work and leisure is a priority for many people. Both are important. Someone adheres to strict proportions, without going beyond them. For example, many people pay 40 hours a week to work, while the free time they completely free themselves from their professional duties, dedicating it to their personal affairs. Others are ready to work more, finding additional benefit and satisfaction for themselves in their work.

Ambitious factor

The desire to earn more or get high status often has practical overtones. A person strives for this because he or she wants to live in comfort. Ambitions assume achievement of the above factors. But there is also psychological nuance – the desire for self-realization and public praise. Being ambitious is not bad, even the opposite, but you need to consider that it is worth the extra effort.

Ethical factor

Most people, if they ask, will say that they are ethical in their actions. But life circumstances make this definition vaguer. For example, everyone agrees that lying is bad. At the same time, many service sellers intentionally exaggerate the quality of the goods in order to conclude a profitable contract. Or you can give another example when a person stands up for the health of the nation, but at the same time works for a tobacco company. These examples show that ethics are transformed depending on the context, and there is a significant difference between personal ethical attitudes and global ones. Sometimes the border between them is blurred, but this does not mean that a person violates his moral code.

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