Here Is Why These Trapped Escape Rooms Are A Must-Visit

Imagine getting high on adrenaline rush while solving puzzles to get out of a room you are locked in with a time-bound! You must have watched different movies with similar scenarios such as SAW(2004). The only difference between the movie – SAW and live trapped escape rooms in Calgary is trapped games are real.

The concept of trapped rooms is based on a popular video game called Crimson Room, launched in 2004, by a Japanese Company. Notice that the year of the release of the movie SAW is also the same. It can be pure coincidence! Well, the live escape rooms are a mixture of video games and movies. It happens, more than often, you dream of becoming the brilliant detective in your favorite detective movie and trapped escape rooms are a way to bring that dream into a reality.

The first trapped escape room was designed by a Japanese Company called SCRAP in 2007. Trapped Escape Rooms spread through Asia before finally coming to Europe in 2011. With this brief into the history of trapped escape rooms, let’s have a look at a few things to look for in trapped escape rooms to make sure that you have a good experience.

1. Available Types Of Rooms

This is one of the important things that can make your experience of trapped escape rooms really fun and enthralling. A good and experienced host of trapped escape room offers variety in its rooms – based on difficulty level, themes, accommodating number, and much more. This ensures that you have many available options to choose from and thus ensuring a wholesome experience of live escape rooms.

2. The Safety Factor

It’s quite unfortunate but it happens, more than often, that people fear for their safety in these trapped escape rooms which are supposed to be a source of fun and entertainment. The hosts of trapped escape rooms take every necessary step to ensure that their customers have an overall good experience. Some reputed live escape rooms also have a dedicated game master for every room who has parental control over the whole room and watches every step of the customers. The game master also drops hints, at times, to make the overall experience more entertaining.

3. Customer Reviews

This is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you have a good experience of trapped escape room. Look for customer reviews of the trapped escape room you are going to. The internet one of wide and credible sources to look for customer reviews. For example, search for trapped escape rooms in Calgary to get a list of top rated escape rooms in Calgary. Also look for online reviews of a trapped escape room on various social media sites to get a deep insight into what customers/visitors think of the place.

There are many such things you can look for in a trapped escape room to make sure a fun experience. Many reputed trapped escape rooms also offer to host birthday parties, corporate events, and other team-building exercises. Live escape rooms can be a very good choice for concrete bonding and team building.


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