Home Must-haves: Christmas Edition

Sure, the holiday comes around every year and whilst some of you may not be too keen about the holiday, there are definitely a few signature items that make Christmas the holiday that it is. Home decorations can be as grand or as plain as you want but nonetheless, they exist and some items have become traditional for the season.

We all know what these conventional items are. Yes, we’re talking mistletoe, stockings, wall hangings and of course, the Christmas tree. However, Christmas decorations are so much more than that. Read ahead for the necessities you require for this seasonal occasion.

Greenery and Flowers

You know the smell of fresh flowers and leaves early in the morning? The vibrant colors and fresh aroma is what gives your home an earthy, welcoming vibe that it needs. Red flowers and green leaves being a conventional decoration, you can also switch things up by incorporating yellow and white flowers along with leaves with varying hues of green such as emerald and lime. This will set the overall ambiance for your house and will give it the fresh look that is needed for the holiday season. We are talking wall hangings, baskets and even bouquets to give your house this lively look.

Scented Candles

Like fresh greenery, these scented candles give off a warm, welcoming feel to your house. Choose vanilla bean or cinnamon to give off a lighter scent. However, you could also use lavender to compliment the greenery in your house, adding to the house’s floral ambiance. A great way to use these candles would be to put them on the shelves and line them on the dining table in a certain arrangement. These candles also come in different colors. However, just to be safe, white candles are your best bet no matter what color scheme your house is following for the season.

Portable Air-Conditioner

There is a vast affordable collection of air-conditioners that have made it easy to keep your cool. Most feature portable designs as well as window units. A must-have for if your place tends to warm up easily.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights add a bit something magical to wherever you put them. Light, golden lights that are smaller in size than most lights (hence the name fairy) are what makes these lights so perfect for the occasion. These lights can be used as wall decorations by lining them on the doorway or even near your Christmas stockings and yes, fairy lights are not only for the Christmas tree. These lights can be arranged in any manner of your liking. Your tree, however, is the first thing you need to decorate with these lights to give it the magical, alluring look that your house needs. Start from the bottom of the tree and work your way up.

Holiday Jingles

Yes, you’ve read that right. Holiday jingles may be annoying to some but hey, can you really have a Christmas without the famous “jingle bell rock” melody playing in your house? For those of you who like singing the jingles, you can opt for instrumentals instead of the full versions. This way, if you have company over your conversations is not disturbed by the music and yet, it gives your house the happy-go-lucky feeling that it needs for the season.

Cookies and Delights

If there’s one memory anyone has about Christmas it’s one of a busy kitchen. Or rather, an oven. Cookies and baked goods are what make Christmas Eve so special. Everyone has a memory of their grandmother taking out gingerbread men fresh from the oven (and a not so nice memory of burning their fingers to scarf them). Try making the cookie batter beforehand so when it comes to preparing them, you have to deal with little trouble and a whole less of a mess.

We hope this list gave you a couple of ideas on what you need to stock up on.

P.S don’t forget the eggnog!


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