How Cloud Can Help in Successful App Development

While mobile app development has grown by leaps and bounds with today’s estimation at a high 5 million apps available on Google Playstore and Apple App Store combines, cloud computing is also making strides. In fact, cloud computing has revolutionized the mobile app development world with emerging data analytics and mobile computing trends continuing to make their valuable mark in the creation of successful, more efficient, and faster more accessible apps. There are cloud apps which differ from native apps in that while the former is live on servers and can be accessed through web browsers, the latter on the other hand have to be downloaded to the users’ devices for them to work. They also have to be supported by various specific platforms such as Android or iOS. For cloud apps, you need an internet connection. It is also possible to use online apps and other apps which translates into high-value propositions for the user especially businesses. Here is how the cloud continues to contribute successful app development:

Easy Functioning         

The developer that uses web-based apps need not worry about cloud infrastructure as this is maintained by the cloud provider. This makes it easy to develop apps using cloud computing rather than through conventional platforms.

Integrated Solutions

When creating apps using web-based platforms, the cloud playas the vital role of integrating the platform and the app which makes it easier for developers to create apps that have similar features as those of the cloud platform making it secure and with better performance and functions than the traditional ones. This is also because developers use only a single platform to make their web app. All you need to know is how to develop cloud apps, and you can learn through UK game app developers.

Numerous Advanced Features

While traditional apps do contain a number of features, cloud-based apps, however, beat their native counterparts when it comes to the number of advanced features that they can have. The fact that web-based platforms allow for advanced app development has made it possible for new age advanced features such as social media platforms and geo-locations platforms to integrate various functionalities and tasks in their apps which then makes the apps seamless and easy to develop for that levels of advancement.

Cost-effective App Development

Thanks to the cloud, app developers can now outsource their servers and only invest the necessary resources as the cost of server maintenance or data center is transferred to the cloud vendor. This makes the expenses incurred manageable and thus, the cost of developing the apps using the clouds is much more affordable.

Scalability and Speed

With cloud computing technology, app developers can now scale up efforts without the need to install extra hardware. But only with a click for more allocation of bandwidth and resources. Finally, testing the app is easier and much faster as there is no delay. As an app developer, you can test your app and use it in real time.


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