How do I Create Effective Facebook Campaigns?

What things do you need to make an effective Facebook campaign? Does effective campaign increase your organic reach? Does engagement give a measure of the effectiveness? What do you think about the conversation? Should you consider the uniqueness? And for an effective campaign, does it need to gather results quickly?

Was your answer yes, to every question? Great, as you are correct. Following are most highlighted campaigns on Facebook – some gained big bucks and some had a shoestring budget — which meet the criteria of effectiveness. Have a look and see if you agree.

Burt’s Bees: Identifying Love for your Brand

Naturalness and authenticity aid in making Burt’s Bees a lovable brand all across the globe. Their campaign on Facebook – Raise your Burts’ – got acknowledged by its fans and asked them for the reasons to love the Lip Balm made by Beeswax. Their goal was to search for the top most fan – The Champion. This winner won the lifetime supply of the lip balm, got a title of spokes lips in the national magazines and an opportunity of being a new name of company for 7 days.  

This campaign brought more than 175K followers to the company on Facebook, increasing the fan rate up to +563% on average. Engagement reached to 180% on average. About 1.5% of the visitors reached to their Facebook page and this 9 times more than the industry average on Facebook.

Effective? Yes, it was.

Febreze: Increasing Engagement with the Gratitude

Saying your followers “thank you” means a lot. The appreciation by Febreze helped aim in reaching to 1 million fans on the Facebook and brought the engagement of brand to the next level.

The idea behind this campaign was simple: delivering thank you to million fans – aloud. It needed around 31 hours for it, but messages from interns to presidents and brand managers made a lot of difference.

Oh, and an interactive smelling experiment – where audience told the team of Febreze which smell should be put in the room – like dead fish, smelly cheese, cat litter, and dirty laundry — helped a lot with engagement. Phew!

Fans got able to interact, share and like during the Live broadcast on Facebook. This campaign generated about 500 million impressions, and drew in above 32,000 new followers. The engagement rate was increased 60%.

Nothing could beat these results.

Adobe: Brightening up Interest in New Product

With hundreds of the new updates and striking the marketplace each year, it gets hard for the brand of standing out. Adobe Lightroom has got reliance on the Facebook of breaking the ice.

For showcasing Lightroom 4, the company launched the travel contest. The main goals were to increase the awareness of this release, create positive impressions of brand and celebrate photographers and travel.

The reward – a trip to the Chiang Mai in Thailand along with photojournalist Steve McCurry, who helped in creating excitement of the new product. He fostered great engagement with customers.

This six-week campaign featured the submissions, blog posts, product demonstrations, and travel videos. The contest got above 3,700 entries, and nearly 150,000 views. Content reached around 2.7 million people, gathering 3500 shares and 11,000 likes.

Skinnygirl: Building relevance with the National Event Tie-In

The Skinnygirl Cocktails passed over into its love for the Oscar parties and Emmy parties. Well, just regarding any awards mention party.

The Facebook campaign, ‘Entertain Like a Leading Lady’ provided drink suggestions, tips for party-planning, a toolkit for party, and event badges for award for handing out kudos to the party guests.

The fantasy league to creating a fantastic dream-team, and an Oscar sweepstakes for E! After the Party award-winning results got generated. This campaign had 400% views which is than any other Facebook tabs in the awards season while it had 50,000 engagements in just four weeks.

The brand charmingly demonstrated the relevance with the consumer base reseller panel.

Hyundai: Winning with a Competitive Spirit

Hyundai understands that everybody loves to win. Their recent Facebook campaign constructed on the sponsorship of company for NFL by offering fans an opportunity to dare their friends to the NFL matchups on weekly basis with the Facebook profile serving as a wager.

The Winners could joyfully enjoy to see losing Facebook profiles of their friends redecorated in colors of winning team. However, not everyone was lost – each of the player was entered in a contest for the Super Bowl tickets.

The results proved that Hyundai understands it customers very well. This campaign reached to 6.4 million customers, generating 27% gain in the Facebook favorability, while the recall rate was 47% among all the Facebook users.

Great recall. Weekly engagement. Positive brand connotation. True effectiveness.

For Effective Facebook campaigns, several characteristics are needed


  • Must be goal driven
  • Offer an easy involvement
  • Include powerful visuals
  • induce positive sentiments
  • link with the benefits


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