How Shisha Pens are Safer than Tobacco Cigarettes

The shisha pen is a current trend that evolved from old tradition. The product evolved from an e-cigarette that was invented in the year 2004 and was developed to be free from nicotine and portable to bring out a complete experience of shisha. Its health aspects, variety in flavor, and wide areas of use are what has led to many smokers to prefer shisha pens over the traditional cigarettes. Indeed, tobacco cigarettes do come with a lot of risks to the user and it’s thus the concrete reason why most users prefer shish pens more.

Tobacco cigarettes work by burning materials. During the process of burning, toxic substances which are harmful to the body are created. Shisha pens on the other hand work by heating a liquid substance until it evaporates, a process known as vaporization. Normally, e-shisha consist of three parts. That is the heating element, a battery, and liquid that vaporizes. When the user of an e-shisha takes a puff, the battery is activated. The battery then heats up the heating element which is the reason behind the LED light on the e-shisha. The heat on the heat element makes the liquid to evaporate into vapor which the user inhales. Shisha pens work safely when it is compared to tobacco cigarettes through the following ways:

It has no toxins

Thanks to vaporization and as mentioned above, the substance that the user inhales ends up becoming free from carbon monoxide and tar since there is no combustion. It is normally the carbon monoxide, tar and other toxic compounds from combustion that paves way to side effects experienced with the use tobacco cigarettes.

Limited addictions.

The vaporizing liquid component in shisha pens contains no nicotine. Nicotine is a component attributed to addiction which is a limiting factors to smokers who just want to smoke because of its flavor and not to get addicted with it.

Safe for the non-smokes

Shisha pens do not give out any smoke. Therefore, people who are nearby to the smokers are saved from inhaling the odor that can be irritating to many. The flavor that is inhaled in shisha pens also dissipates faster within a matter of seconds. This prevents passive smoking which is the reason behind restriction of smoking in public places.

Ease of use

Normal tobacco cigarettes require a lot of setting up. With shisha pens, no fires or coals. You just take a puff and you are good to go.

Safes your pocket

When the cost of using a tobacco cigarette is taken into account in relation to shisha pens, it is noted that shisha pens are in fact cheaper. A shisha pen can last for up to 600 puffs. You should however take into account that the use of shisha pens just came into existence for roughly more than a decade ago. Therefore, the field has not been explored so much. Preliminary researchfrom V2 Cigs in UK can however attest to the fact that shisha pens increase fitness, boosts body immunity, improves breathing, and lessens coughing.


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