How To Choose A Coffee Table

Choosing a coffee table is something that many people don’t immediately think about. People decide which bed, dining tables and sofas they want, but never really give much thought to the coffee table until it comes time to purchase one. Don’t fear if you’re struggling to find a coffee table that suits your already furnished room, our coffee table buying guide will help make the decision easier for you.

Check Your Budget

It is essential that you pick your budget wisely and make sure you stick to it! Although a coffee table can be a nice addition, it’s not something you should be spending thousands of dollars on.

It’s best to visit stores that have a great selection of coffee tables that range in price, from affordable to luxurious.

Pick Your Materials Carefully

Although most people don’t consider the material of their coffee table to be of much importance, certain materials will last longer than others and add more than just style to your room. Timber is an obvious choice, having long been used in furniture it has proven time and time again to be robust and durable. Timber is also versatile, like spindle Round Coffee Table which adds a Hampton’s style flare. Choose our Vaucluse Coffee Table for a modern, sleek take on the classic timber medium.

Glass coffee tables are chic; creating the illusion of more open space with their transparency, while metal is the ultimate indie modern look; sharp and strong.

Size Does Matter

A coffee table is not a dining table, and therefore should ideally be no bigger than two-thirds of your sofa’s size. Standard coffee dimensions are 120 cm by 60 cm, so adapt these measurements to suit your needs. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to size, it is up to personal preference.

For a smaller coffee table option, take a look at Berkeley Coffee Table. Shaped like a square and only 62 cm in length it is the perfect addition to your space. For a larger option, our Byron Cross Leg Coffee Tables over a meter long, making it the ideal size for larger homes.                                       

Shape Is Key

Don’t limit yourself to the traditional four-legged coffee table shapes when there is an abundance of options out there.

Choose from circle tops like Newcastle Coffee Table. Due to the round top, the lack of harsh lines eliminates the traditional decor and brings a more romantic feeling to your room. For something more unique, try our Whittaker Coffee Table. The wedge shape adds a more industrial and modern look to your space, making it instantly eye-catching.

Furniture is meant to be stylish as well as functional, so play around with different frames and don’t be afraid to choose adventurous pieces.

Beware the Children

Keep your children in mind when choosing furniture. Sharp corners on a rectangle coffee table may not suit your household, so opt for round tables. Choose materials that are easy to clean like timber as little fingers can easily leave prints and something that is robust enough to not tip over when knocked.


Purchase a coffee table that has storage capabilities, for rooms that are short on space. Visit store locally and online that have a wide range of storage-wise coffee tables to suit any aesthetic. Our Florence Coffee Tableevokes a seaside fantasy and provides two drawers to place your items in. Opt for our Tuscan Coffee Table for a more traditional look. This table has a bottom shelf with generous space, allowing for storage of taller items like magazine stands, books, or vases.

Although choosing a perfectly suited coffee table can be difficult, It’s would be best to check reviews online and purchase from quality stores that have a wide range of selection.


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