How to choose Snowboard Pants and Bibs for Snowboarding

You can’t stay on top of your snowboarding game without taking good care of your legs. Besides making sure they’re healthy and fit, you must keep your legs dry, warm, and comfortable.

That’s where snowboard pants come in. Let’s find out how to choose the best snowboard pants for you.

Main Variables to Consider When Choosing Snowboard Pants

First and foremost, give these key factors a good thought: 

  • Insulation Snowboard pants with built-in insulation utilize heat reflective materials such as fleece. Uninsulated snowboard pants use shell fabrics with some lining for more warmth. Since legs warm up quickly, wearing insulated snowboard pants is an overkill for most snowboarders.
  • Waterproofing Nearly all snowboard pants are made waterproof to fend off the elements. But they differ in waterproofing capacity. Softshell fabrics are easier to move in but are less waterproof. Hardshell fabrics are extremely waterproof but may not feel comfortable to some.
  • Breathability Top-quality snowboard pants use breathable materials, which allow legs to stay dry in spite of sweating. Staying dry is essential for staying warm. Though it’s not set in stone, breathability rating tends to be higher in the fabrics that cost more.
  • Durability Most sports call for durable clothing, and snowboarding is no exception. Pants made of inferior fabrics don’t stand a chance against the high winds and the wet snow snowboarders interact with. Best snowboard pants use high-quality polyester and tightly woven nylon.

Deciding on these variables will help you zoom in on the right type of snowboard pants for you. But there’s more to consider if you want a decent pair of snowboard pants.

Must-Have Features to Look for in Snowboard Pants

These key features are something all top-of-the-range snowboard pants share in common:

  • Adjustable waistline Well-designed snowboard pants come with hook-and-loop fasteners that make the waistline easy to adjust. This comes in handy for snowboarders who prefer to wear multiple layers of clothing under their jackets. And it’s ideal for those who don’t like belts.
  • Integrated gaiters These special cuffs stay on the inside of snowboard pants, right at the bottom. You can tighten them with a band or clip them to your boot lace. With the help of gaiters, your snowboard pants will prevent snow from getting in your boots.
  • Zip-up venting Getting too hot in your pants while snowboarding can be very frustrating. It’s not like you can take off your pants whenever you like. Luckily, top-quality snowboard pants come with built-in vents that you can unzip when it gets too hot inside.
  • Enhanced cuffs Snowboarding is a high-velocity sport, which means your pants are subject to a lot of wear and tear. And the cuffs are usually the first ones to go. High-quality snowboard pants feature enhanced cuffs that better withstand the mechanical damage from snowboarding.

These must-have features alone are enough to keep most snowboarding enthusiasts happy. If you’re after the best snowboard pants out there, though, there’s more to check.

Some Nice to Have Features in Snowboard Pants

Snowboard pants are a lot more comfortable to wear if they have:

  • Jacket-to-pants connection It’s easy for both snow and wind to get inside the gap between your pants and your jacket when snowboarding. Snowboard pants that can connect to the jacket and seal this gap are among the best.
  • Pockets By and large, not everyone enjoys snowboarding with a backpack. After all, wearing a backpack affects your balance, which is instrumental in snowboarding. If you’re among such snowboarders, chances are that you’ll appreciate your snowboard pants having a set of pockets.
  • Suspenders Some snowboarders have a love-hate relationship with suspenders. But those who like wearing snowboard pants with suspenders, enjoy the comfort and warmth that they bring.
  • Knee articulation Most movements during snowboarding happen with a slight bend in the knees. And the best snowboard pants account for this well by featuring knee articulation in their design.

Snowboard pants that have these extra features can turn snowboarding into bliss. What do we make of everything we’ve mentioned by now?

Check with Your Needs Before Choosing Snowboard Pants

As you can tell, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when choosing snowboard pants.

Winter conditions differ depending on climate, calling for various degrees of insulation, waterproofing, and breathability. There’s also no shortage of snowboarding types and styles, each with distinct requirements of its own. Finally, your preferences matter.

We hope our guide has made choosing snowboard pants easier for you.

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