How to Get Dog Hair Out Of Furniture and Carpets

Dogs are friendly and are great pets to have. Some have long silky hair that makes them very attractive. Regardless of the effort you put, that hair will end up dropping on your carpet and furniture. No one wants to host visitors while the carpet is full of pets’ hair. Thou removing it is quite a task; it is not an impossible mission. If you intend to have a pet soon, read this article to get the best tactics to use.

  1. A Good Vacuum

You could check on Squiffy Clean if you are on the search for a good vacuum that can clean off pets’ hairs. It is worth the cost. It will not only suck the dust and dirt that is in the carpet but it will also suck the pet’s hairs. Note that not all vacuums can effectively clear out the hair. When purchasing one, you should be specific about what you want to use it for.

2. Rubber Sole

Did you know that a shoe with a rubber sole could help you remove dogs’ hairs from your carpet? Ensure that it is clean to avoid putting dirt on your carpet. Rub it on your carpet where there is hair. In case your carpet has deep piles, then use a hairbrush instead of rubber shoe. Using a hairbrush on your furniture is not recommended since it can damage it. You can also decide to buy a carpet rake. After you place it on your carpet, pull it gently toward you. Remove the hair then mob the whole carpet. 

3. Rubber Gloves

There are different types of rubber gloves. You can use latex gloves, but heavier rubber gloves will be a better option. They protect your hands as you sweep your carpet and furniture. You can decide to put gloves on the one hand or both. They are suitable for furniture but not so for carpets since you will take more time.

4. Use a Balloon

Start by inflating the balloon. Then rub it using your shirt. Put it near your hair and see if it attracts. Then put it on your carpet and see how the dog’s hair will get pulled by the balloon just like a magnet. Continue rubbing and placing it on different areas of your carpet and furniture.

5. Rubber Brooms

If you are searching for an effective and cheaper way to remove the hair of your carpet, use the rubber broom. You can use it on different surfaces. If your carpet has deeper piles, rubber broom will do a perfect job. Just like a carpet rake, press it on your carpet, then slowly pull or push it away from you. It will remove more hair faster within a short time as compared to rubber gloves. Use a vacuum to remove the hair in the corner.


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