How to get followers on Instagram: 3 tips to get overnight success

Everyone wants to become famous when they see millions of likes on celebrity’s posts. Instagram has a community of 1 billion people and you can become an Instagram star with the help of some tactics. Massive following play an important role to become Instagram famous. But how to get followers on Instagram. In this article, we will discuss some useful tips that will help you to get overnight success on Instagram.

How to get followers on Instagram:

If your underlying goal is to get a huge following on Instagram then don’t afraid to add these tips to your growth strategy. Here’s how to get followers on Instagram.

Add Caption To Your Posts:

However, Instagram is all about images and videos but you can make your posts more creative and humorous by adding the captions. Your simple photo can be turned into something extraordinary with a good caption. In order to get ahead of your competitors, you need to be unique.

A compelling caption can stop the people from scrolling down. People love to read captions that more similar to storytelling. You can share your experience with your fans. Moreover, tell them what the intention of creating this post is and how you take this photo etc.

ProfilenPicture should be GREAT:

However, your posts represent your brand but make sure your profile picture also tells the story of your brand. In order to become Instagram famous, it is essential to give proof that you are an authentic brand. Try to use the same profile picture on all social platforms. This way, people can recognize you when they visit your Instagram account.

Albeit, you can change your profile picture asif you are organizing an event, you can use the event logo as your profilepicture. If you are running a personal account, use your picture with the facebecause people are likely to follow those accounts more. Your profile picture makes your first impression good or bad because when someone lands on your page, he/she will check out your profile picture, bio and first nine posts of your account.

Run an Instagram contest:

Try running an Instagram giveaway to spur some new attention to your account. Get users to report your images and videos using specific hashtags.
Users can use an Instagram downloader or the repost app to accomplish this. Randomly select one of the posts with the specific hashtag and reward the user with a prize. Make sure to mention who the winner is on your Instagram account. Engaging with Instagramers with a contest is a great tactic for growing your following.

Post Regularly

Most of the people believe that Instagram is a great platform to sell the products and personality as those individuals are more like a small sized business. But you can see a huge fan count drop when you don’t post more often. If you are a brand or personality, don’t make your account Z-list from A-list and consider posting frequently. When people follow you at first place, they expect a lot from you.

Try to post two to three time a day every week. One thing which is also very important is the right timing for posting. In order to build a good brand image and raise brand awareness, don’t forget to make changes in your growth strategy according to the performance of your posts. Use Instagram native analytics or another analytics tool to track your posts’ performance and see which posts resonate well and get the most engagement and more Instagramlikes. Let me tell you that You can also head over to to download Instagram videos.


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