How to Set Up an Instagram Business Profile

Are you using Instagram for the business? Do you wonder how to increase engagement and more followers on the Instagram?

First things come first: set up an Instagram profile for business!

In this post, some steps are provided which you can carry out for updating your profile while having an access to the promotion options and new insights of Instagram.

Are you Ready?

1. Be Sure that You get an Access to an Instagram Business Profile

There are many new features which are rolling out on Instagram gradually for the business profiles. Thus, for seeing if you get an access, be sure that you update the app, and also go to the settings of the profile and use all the relevant features.

If you get an access of using the business profile, you can easily switch your current profile to the business profile by selecting an option that is present at the bottom of your screen. Tap this option and you will get an access to the business profile. 

2. Add your Contact Info and Other Details

As you have entered into your business profile, you will receive a welcome message on your screen, saying “Instagram for Business”

After this, you will be provided with an option of connecting your profile with your Facebook page. If you have more than one pages, be sure that you opt one page which you need to connect with the business profile on Instagram.

Now, you will see options of making few additions to the profile like:

  • Adding email address info
  • Adding your contact number
  • Adding your location

If you don’t to provide this info, you can leave the sections blank.

After this step, you will get another welcoming message which will confirm that the business info has now been added to your profile.

Users who visit your business profile will now be able to see the options of getting direction to the company of yours or to collect your email id info. If you are operating an ecommerce business or you are at some location which you need your customers to visit, these option make it very easy for viewers to see the directions of your business place.

3. Get Familiar new panel of Instagram’s Insights

For accessing the new panel of Instagram Insights, go to the top right section of the profile. At little left, you will see the wheel of settings. In this section, you will see a tiny graph icon. Select it and you will land to the insights panel.

As you have made a post on something on behalf of the business, you will get to see the number of impressions which your post gets. As you click on the link of “See More”, you will see some other details regarding the post, including the number of people clicked to your webpage. You can gain some insights regarding the followers also, when you click on this link.

You get to know about the location, gender, age etc. along with the times and days your followers were online. This helps in fine tuning of the future posts and will be very helpful if you use the link in the bio for updating the content and to know whether you need to Buy engaged Instagram Followers or not.

4. Promote the Posts on Instagram

An Instagram update makes it quite easy to promote the posts in the app of Instagram. All you need to do is to the promotion of the post by tapping on the button of “Promote” which appears right below the picture.

As you tap this button, you will get an option of choosing the button of call to action. The choices you make at this step depends on few of the details regarding the business which you have included already as you set your profile.

If you had included your current address or contact number already, you will get an option of having people to call or visit you Buy Instagram Story views.

As you select call or visit, you will get prompted to the “Select Button Text.” It is a call to action. You can select “Learn More”, “Shop Now”, “Contact us,” “Book now,” “Sign up,” and “Watch more” at this point.  

Now, select a landing page or website you desire visitors to go through.

Next, select the audience, duration and budget. You can select an option of automating the audience on Instagram, or you can also define viewers based on interests, gender, age and location.

As the promotion gets approved, it will start to run as long as your budget and other factors will allow.

For checking the performance of your post, click on the link of “View Insights” you’ll get to see the number of impressions, clicks, amount you had spent, cost per click etc.


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