How to Use Synthetic Urine for a Quick Fix

If you are looking to pass a drug test, but still keep your medical history a secret, then you can try out quick fix synthetic urine. This product is just what its name suggests. It is fake urine containing most of the components you would find in real urine, but without impurities. It is these impurities and other substances considered illegal that are looked for in a urinalysis test. Ideally, using fake urine is a way of circumventing these tests since you provide a pure sample instead of your natural one with the impurities. Using this urine is fairly easy and straightforward. Just about anyone who is not confident of their health status when a test is needed can use this urine for a quick fix.


Heat the Sample in a Microwave

Synthetic urine comes is available at room temperature. At this temperature, you cannot present it as the testing machine will detect it as fake. The first step involves preparing the heat pad. Activate the pad and heat it a little for like ten minutes. Having it at the right temperature will help maintain your synthetic urine at the required temperature. You should never get the synthetic urine to the right temperature then put it in a cold heat pad.

Heating the Urine

The second step is heating the synthetic urine to bring it to normal urine’s temperature, which is also the body temperature. This temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius or about 98.2 Fahrenheit. Heating is a rather intricate process that requires you to be very careful not to overheat. Place the sample in the provided heating tube, then place it gently in the microwave. You only need about 10 secs to have heat sufficiently. Get it out of the microwave and check the temperature. Ensure that it does not fall below the body temperature and does not go absurdly above it.  You have to make sure that you read the temperature scale properly to ensure it gets to the right temperature

Strap the Sample to the Heating Pad

After heating, get the sample and attach it to the heat pad. Take about three minutes to monitor any temperature changes. If it maintains normal body temperature, then you are ready to present the sample for testing.

Delivering Your Sample

Now that you are through with heating part, it is time for another challenging ordeal depending on the nature of your testing lab. If there are no stringent restrictions, all you have to do is strap the sample next to your body, preferably in your underwear. This position not only keeps in stable, but also ensure that the sample maintains your body temperature. Get to the testing station on time so that the temperature doesn’t drop. If you stay for too long, the sample will eventually cool. If in case you get to the testing station and the sample has cooled off, you can run the hot water tap in the bathroom to spike it backup to the required temperature or rub it against your thigh. Just make sure you present a sample with the right temperature.


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