Ideas for Safe Holiday Gatherings during a Pandemic

We all hoped this pandemic would have been over with by the end of summer.  Unfortunately, as the year stretches on and we slip into more family-based times, the risk of catching COVID seems higher than ever.  Still, most Americans want to be able to show those around them that they care and that they’re there for them.  You don’t have to live only seeing your family through a Zoom call!  Here are some creative ideas any family can put to use so that they can enjoy the holiday season together.

Drive-In Classics

Drive-in movie theaters have been seeing a massive surge of customers in the last six months.  These spaces allow visitors to pay, park, and watch a whole movie from their car.  Many have radio stations you can tune into to hear the film, while some still use giant speakers to cover the entire lot.  Plan with your family to watch some classics together!  Everyone can make their popcorn at home, bring some drinks, and watch movies that will remind you of years long gone.  If you want, your family could even make your drive-in theater with a field, a large sheet or screen, a projector, and some good speakers.

Drive-In Potluck

Some family members, unfortunately, live alone during this crisis.  We want to take care of them, but often these are the ones at the highest risk.  Instead of worrying about what they come in contact with, loved ones can do a potluck drive through!  To do this, everyone needs to pick a dish they’ll make and then deliver it to their doorstep!  You can also leave gifts and cards this way to show them how much you care and love them. 

Avid Penpalling

If you live in the same city, the average card only takes one to two days to get delivered.  What you can do becomes good penpals during the holidays.  For kids, you can send them a card every day leading up to Christmas; for older relatives, you can send them family pictures and memories that make you smile when you think of them.  Although it would be nice to search Columbia houses for sale so you can live next door to them, mailing them cards and receiving them will make your loved one feel even closer than before.

Working Together

Gift exchanges will be more complicated this year since money is tighter, and we can’t gather in person.  Instead of worrying about catching Corona while unwrapping a gift, you can make Christmas one significant gift exchange where everyone gets at least one gift.  This choice is cheaper for everyone involved and ensures that nobody feels left out or shorted.  If you live locally, you can deliver in person and set it on their doorstep, but it is the best option if you’re long-distance mailing.  Include things like homemade gingerbread cookies, or other sweets, to help make the package feel more homey and personal.

Your family can have a fun holiday season!  You have to work together to create a safe one for everyone.


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