Latour Wines: Fascinating Facts on Red Wine

Wines are an alcoholic beverage that is made out of the fermented juice of grapes. Well, technically speaking, wines can be made from any fruits such as apples, plums, and cranberries. However, if it just says “wine” on its label, then it is immediately known as made from grapes.

red wine

Now, if you are a beginner in the wine industry as a wine enthusiast then certainly you would need information and facts to help you be accustomed to its various characteristics, history, and even fascinating facts that you should not miss out!

Thus, today, we will be discussing the fascinating facts on red wine just like Latour wines. Be sure that you don’t miss anything out!

Almost All Red Wines are Made from One Species of Grape.

Yep! You read that right. Nearly all red wines are made out from only one species of grape which is names as the Vitis Vinifera. All of the most commonly known red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlo, Syrah, Pinot Noir, all come from this species of grape, amazing, isn’t it?

There are certainly other species of grapes that are used for winemaking since there are some 65-70 Vitis species, but they are all very rarely used to make wine. With this said, the Vitis vinifera is the only common wine grape species that are used for winemaking. And, get this, this grape species did not originate in France but from Eastern Europe!

Red Grapes are Older than the White Grapes.

Have you ever thought that both red and white wine grapes used for winemaking are of the same age? Like, both just sprouted off from the ground? Well, guess what, red grapes are older than the white wine grapes!

The white wine grapes, which are characterized as both yellow and green-colored grapes are thought by the scientists to have come initially from a DNA mutation of the red grapevines. This hypothesis is really convincing since the wines Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc shares the same DNA even though both are from different wine variety.

Red Wines Becomes Lighter in Color as They Age.

The red wine’s color becomes lighter or less intense as it ages. This is due to the chemical changes in the substance present in the red wine as it ages. For the young wines, it may start as a bright red color with a purple tint, and then as it matures, the color will shift from orange or brick red. There are also instances that old wines become pale and translucent in color.

Young Red Wines are Better.

This might come surprisingly for you since we have been told for many years that old wines are the best wines. While indeed it is true that some wines taste better when they are well-aged. However, when it comes to health aspects of the wine, it turns out that old wines aren’t as good!

So, why are young wines better than the old wines for you? Well, that’s because young wines contain more tannin level than any other type of wine. Which means to say that your young red wine of Latour wine might be a better choice for you, especially if you are a health advocate.

Red Wine’s Health Benefit is from the Tannin.

So, here’s further information on the tannin, which is the main ingredient in gaining the red wine’s benefit. The red wine is pretty much made up of polyphenols, if not alcohol or water. The polyphenols include tannin, resveratrol, color pigment, wine aromas, and about 5,000 other plant compounds.

Out of all these polyphenols, the most abundant in red wine for health reasons are Procyanidins which is a type of a condensed tannin also found in dark chocolate and green tea. This compound is particularly associated with inhibiting cholesterol plaque in our blood vessels making it highly beneficial to one’s heart health.

Hundreds of Aromas Can be Found

Wines are especially loved because of how it can give off aromas that are not only pleasant to the smell but entices your palate along with the excellent food that matches well its flavors and fragrance.

All the aromas that you can smell from the wine such as berry, jam, cherry, herbs, charcoal, all-spice, and other fragrances found in a glass of red wine are derived from nothing more than the fermented grapes and the aging wine in the oak barrel that was used for the fermentation. There are no flavor additives, which makes it fascinating!


The fascinating facts stated and discussed above is one of the many necessary information that you should know about, especially if you are still new in the world of wines. These facts can help you gain more knowledge and spark up conversations in gatherings which would undoubtedly help you out learn more from other wines enthusiasts.


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