List Of State-Of-The-Art Hospitals In Dubai

Dubai has one of the best healthcare systems that you can get in the world. The world recognizes the healthcare system of Dubai. Here is the list of the best hospitals in Dubai. If you are looking for premium care and most comfortable healthcare, Dubai is the place to be.



Emirates offers the best healthcare as well as the best cosmetic and rehabilitation services to the UAE. You can call Emirates as the reflection of the success and progress of Dubai’s unbeatable healthcare system. It has the world’s leading doctors attending to the most critical cases. State of the art medical services for a wide range of departments is provided at the Emirates. These include Cardiology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Dermatology as well as Urology. Not only that, but it also has a huge range of state-of-the-art diagnostic services. This makes Emirates one of the finest hospitals in Dubai. With proper management and system, you will suffer in waiting for lines for urgent ultrasound or X-rays. Branches of Emirates are easily accessible from popular neighborhoods like Jumeirah as well as Dubai Healthcare City. 


Mediclinic isn’t only acclaimed as a national favorite, but it is also pretty famous internationally. It’s also one of the largest hospitals in Dubai that run privately. With more than seven hospitals, 22 private clinics, and 35 independent medical centers, its healthcare is accessible from any part of the city. If you are looking for the most modern and advanced healthcare system, Mediclinic should be on top of your list. Residents living in Al Qusais, Al Sufouh, as well as Mirdif can access this state-of-the-at clinic most comfortable; the location is ideal for them. It’s also great for kids who are suffering from the most critical cases of asthma, pneumonia, or kidney infections. The care and treatment you get at Mediclinic is second to none. 


Medical care in Dubai is one of the best provided around the world, and there is no denying that fact. One of these advanced institutes is Medcare. It is the best hospital whether you are looking for a solution for something as mundane as the common cold or chronic diseases. The hospital is regarded as the best for cardiac illnesses, ENT services as well as its urology department. With amiable staff, helpful, and highly-trained nurses, and at par doctors, you will get nothing but the best treatment for your patient. Medcare has branches in prime locations, so these clinics are easily accessible. You visit Medcare hospital at Al Safa as well as Sheikh Zayed Road. 


Aster is probably the oldest healthcare provider of Dubai; they have been serving the residents of Dubai since the year 1987. No doubt its one of the best and leading healthcare institutes of Dubai. Aster runs numerous pharmacies, hospitals as well as independent clinics all over Dubai. Their branches are located in Bur Dubai, Karama ad as well as Al Qusais. When it comes to healthcare in Dubai, the name Aster can’t be ignored. Their care and commitment to help their patients are commendable. Aster will cater to your needs, whether you are looking for a specialist or just medicines. 


Al-Zahra has been servicing the national as well as international patients for 35 successful years. Their care and concern solely revolve around patients. The reason why Al-Zahra is so famous is its prime locations around neighborhoods like Al Barsha and Al Safa. The clinic utilizes excellent care as well as technology to treat its patients and give them the most modern solutions to their medical issues. Al-Zahra is known for its state-of-the-art technology as well as the leading team of doctors who provide the best possible care for national as well as international patients. 


Among the best healthcare institutes of Dubai, you will hear the name NMC repeatedly. This medical institution is highly regarded as it has earned a reputation for being a community that works day and night to provide the best possible care to their charges. From ENT to gynecology to dentistry, the hospital has many departments that are equipped to provide the best medical care. If you live in Deira, DIP, or even in Al Nahda, this is the best hospital for you and your family members. There is also a bonus point for being economical as well as affordable.


Although Medeor is relatively new, it’s climbing the heights fast. With one of the medical equipment as well as most talented doctors, Medecor is quickly becoming one of the best healthcare places in Dubai. Each patient gets individual attention as well as exemplary care at Medeor.

These are the finest hospitals as well as healthcare systems in Dubai that are equipped to cater to both national as well as international patients.


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