Lowell Cafe Makes History as LA’s First Cannabis Restaurant and Lounge

Los Angeles is a city sure to deliver a story: from Venice Beach to Griffith Park and to West Hollywood, where Lowell Cafe has made history in the City of Angels. That’s right, Lowell Cafe has become the first cannabis restaurant in Los Angeles. Through meticulous planning, dedication hard work and creativity, those at Lowell Farms have gone through the hurdles to make cannabis happen in the open. 

Cannabis Restaurant

Cannabis has been enjoyed in Southern California for centuries, yet users have been forced to be secretive about consumption. The days of hiding away in one’s dark home to smoke a joint or enjoy cold-pressed cannabis oil are over thanks to Lowell Cafe. 

Lowell Farms: Years of Experience in Cannabis

William “Bull” Lowell started the tradition back in 1909 on his farm on the central coast of California. It was called Indian Hemp back then. In 1913, Henry J. Finger, a prominent board member of the California Board of Pharmacy, had different ideas. Finger helped to draft Cannabis prohibition, and he eventually put Mr. Lowell in jail when he refused to stop growing and enjoying his product. 

The Lowell family continues the tradition Bull started, focusing on their love for cannabis and how they can make the best possible product for consumers. The love for the plant is evident when a person enjoys cold-pressed cannabis oil or a freshly packed bowl of organic cannabis. Those at Lowell don’t mess around with their goods. 

Some growers use pesticides and unhealthy ingredients when they grow marijuana. The growers at Lowell use organic fertilizer, will never use synthetic pesticides and will use natural materials from the time the plant is a seed to the time a consumer purchases the bud for consumption. There’s truly a lot of products one can purchase from Lowell Farms. 

The Evolution of Cannabis

There was a time not too long ago where cannabis users were confined to smoking flowers from a pipe or rolling papers. There is more to combustion in today’s day and age, especially thanks to Lowell Farms. Cold-pressed cannabis oil is solvent, toxin and chemical-free. The pure plant is what one gets from cold-pressed cannabis. It’s a clean way of smoking and has been the preferred choice for those looking for an alternative to flowers. Disposable vaping is just one way to enjoy cannabis grown at Lowell Farms. One can buy several strains and smoke cannabis if they please. Lowell Farms give consumers looking for the highest quality product options when looking for cannabis. Lowell Cafe takes these options and showcases them in the warm California sun. 

Wake Up At Lowell Cafe

Online reservations for the first 30 days at Lowell Cafe sold out within hours. There is no doubt that buzz is surrounding the cannabis restaurant/lounge in West Hollywood. The way California law is positioned is different from when Henry J. Finger had his way in 1913; those at Lowell Farms had to get creative, appearing to wave a magic wand instead of a finger, delivering two separate businesses: cannabis retail business and a restaurant. The business model gets creative to follow current California state law. Those who can visit Lowell Cafe to partake in a puff from cold-pressed cannabis oil or enjoy a meal will find three distinct sections. 

  • A 1,600 square-foot cafe where consumption of cannabis is prohibited, but food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • A 2,500 square-foot indoor lounge area that allows vaping, cannabis smoking and for edible consumption.
  • The third section offers 1,800 square feet of outdoor garden where visitors can smoke cannabis, vape and have an edible.

Renowned chef Andrea Drummer crafts the food in the restaurant at Lowell Cafe. Tasty treats and fine meals mixed with positive company will bring sunny vibrations to West Hollywood. Lowell Cafe is the place to be while in Southern California. 


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