Know About Mini Slip Ring And Its Features

It is designed for the transmission of data and video signals in small and normal sized equipment like children intelligence toys, stage lights, speed dome camera, and drones. The mini slip ring can be incorporated up to 200 circuits and all are related to 2A. It is basically used for where mounting space is critical and limited. It never sacrifices with current handling capability. Its data transfer rate is high to Gbits/s per range. The mini slip ring supports high bandwidth is transfer. It is also available in a waterproof package. It can directly perform with ip69 under water. It has low torque, low electric noise, and maintenance free.

It is used in security film and TV application. Its number of channels is about 2 to 8 and current is 2A. The rated voltage is 240 VAC/ DC speed is about 0 to 200 Rpm. The outer diameter is about 8 mm. it can contact with metal shells. The engineering of plastic dynamic resistance 1M. The electrical noise is 10M, 50mA, 5 rpm, and wire size is AWG 26 Teflon. The compressive strength is 500 VDC at 50Hz. Its wire length is 10s and standard 250 mm. the insulation strength is 500 Mat 500 VDC. The IP54 protection class is 10s. The operating humidity is 10 percent – 85 percent. The operating temperature is -20 Degree Celsius to 60 Degree Celsius. The mini slip ring weight is about 15.8 ounces. The shipping weight is 1.1 pounds.

Mini slip ring for unmanned aerial vehicles can realize up to 0.02 mm. Through the hole of a mini slip ring can be realized at the center. The support transmission is up to 300 electric channels. It is used the injection and casting molding process that produced mini size and compact. It is applied low current, low frequency, and medium frequency signals. It adopts V shape design and also adopts brushes single wire. The stator and rotor are molded without any disassembled parts as an integrated structure. It has gold to gold contacts. The advantage of the smallest coefficient of friction and lower contact resistance is to realize the low fluctuation resistance or friction and to realize excellent endurance.

Features of mini slip ring

1-    It has low rotary torque

2-    It has the least transmission loss with high reliability

3-    It can be integrated with optic fiber rotary joints

4-    It is too small in size and dimension

5-    It easy and convenient installation 

6-    Mini slip ring is compatible with 108 OP UHDV signals

7-    It has a fast delivery time

8-    It has wide applications

The typical applications of mini slip ring

•    Various communication systems

•    Simulators

•    Mini slip ring unmanned aerial vehicles

•    Precious test machines

•    Robots

•    Test machines

•    CCTV pedestal

•    Medical equipment

•    Rotary index

•    Experiments project

•    Housing

•    Automatic arm

•    Customized option

•    Mode and type of installation

The customized options are

1.   Writing perfect as well as the wire and cable

2.    Experimental

3.   Housing material

4.   Space treatment

5.  Installation of size and mode

6.   Outline dimension

The development of WAV technology has been promoted to different areas. Due to the advantages of stable, security, take off, operation, no limits for land, and more. The majority of the mini slip ring and miniature slip rings are used of high definition cameras. The communication conductive can make it more intelligent. The OD is about 6.5 mm. This is used in military treating surface technology. It has a hard gold plating process that ensures the long life and low fluctuation in resistance. Its example controls, video, Ethernet sensor, the maintenance fee with low loss. It’s specification mechanically and electrically

The parameters of slip ring of environmental conditions and single indicators, mechanical and electric standard and options

Electric standard

Working voltage < 48 V
Electrical noise < 0.01
Compression strength 300 VAC
Insulation resistance 200 M at 100 VDC
Current rating < 5 A

Electric option

Working voltage 380 V
Electrical noise < 0.03
Compression strength 1000 VAC
Insulation resistance 500 M at 5000 M
Current rating < 20 A

Environmental standard

Housing IP41
Operating humidity >95 Percent
Operating temperature -40 Degrees Celsius + 60 Degrees Celsius

Environmental option

Housing IP66
Operating hum-idity 100 Percent
Operating tem-perature -60 Degrees Celsius  + 60 degrees Celsius / 0 degrees Celsius + 150 degrees Celsius

Signal indicator option

Signal types Audio signals, control signals, video signals , digital signals, sensor signals, various different signals

Signal indicator standard option parameter

Single types Audio signals, control signals, video signals , digital signals, sensor signals, various different signals

The mechanically standard parameter

Channels < 40
Electric noise < 0.01
Center through hole size 0
Life >600 million roads
Rotary rate 0 to 30 rpm

The mechanically options parameter

Channels < 400
Electric noise < 0.03
Center through hole size < 7 mm
Life >2000 million roads
Rotary rate 3000 rpm

Technical specification


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