Moving Tips For The Busy Professional

Being a working professional can be extremely fun for anyone, especially if you’re deep into your plans to expand and improve upon your career. Thing is, if part of your bigger plans is to buy and purchase a house, you might find yourself struggling to plan your successful move. After all, it’s not easy juggling meeting schedules, paperwork, and other duties with everything that’s required of your house move.

This doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though. Here’s how to pull off a move for the busy professional:

  1. Visit your new home a couple of times to get the hang of the neighborhood. One of the worst things that can happen to a new homeowner is to be completely clueless with the new neighborhood. This is important for a busy professional such as yourself, as you want your transition into your new home to be as smooth as possible. Before you even move into your new home, you should familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood. Get to know where relevant institutions, such as schools, fire departments, police stations, and even hospitals. You can also take note of local parks and landmarks, transportation hubs such as bus stops, and even popular supermarkets, malls, coffee shops, and restaurants. Knowing these beforehand will help you feel more at ease once you move.
  2. Fix your logistics during your free time at work. If there are certain aspects of your move that doesn’t include heavy-lifting, such as fixing your inventory or organizing your paperwork, you might want to do that during your breaks at work. This allows you to waste little time while still getting your work done. For instance, instead of going out for lunch, you can have lunch on your desk and tally your existing inventory. You can also use your lunch or free time to talk to a long distance moving company, or even to fix and organize documents you might have to submit. This makes effective use of your time, and ensures you’re not compromising either your work and your moving process.
  3. Make a system when it comes to packing your belongings. Since you have limited free time to work with your packing, you might want to organize a schedule around your move. This is particularly for professionals that live alone or have little time to work around their move. Whenever you have free time, try assessing how you want to pack your things. You can start with a particular room, and sort things you want to throw out, you want to sell, and lastly things you want to keep. You can keep things you want to throw out and sell on separate boxes. Meanwhile, you can then organize things you want to keep into any order you want. You can organize them per room, or per fragility, or per sentimental value. It can greatly help if you also take note of things you own in an inventory so you’re sure you won’t lose things.
  4. Take advantage of your available leaves and paid time-offs. While it’s true that there’s not a lot of paid holidays in a year to get that well-deserved vacation, you might want to make an exception to accommodate your move. Regardless of whether or not your move is urgent, you might want to consider using some of your paid time-offs, paid leaves, or even days off to accommodate relevant aspects of the move. Try to reserve heavier parts of the move such as the actual moving day, packing days, or days when you have to submit paperwork on days that won’t impede on your work.
  5. Hire professional help to speed up the process. As a working professional, you’re likely aware that customers and consumers seek your company’s services because you’re good at what you do in your particular industry. The case is the same with regards to moving companies, as you can hire them specifically to help you with your moving needs. When you find movers to hire, make sure that not only are they doing house moves, but they also “know” about your situation. This means being aware of things you want to bring, and that they know how to bring your sensitive belongings to your location. Make sure your chosen movers can also operate in your state, as some states need special licenses and requirements for movers. So if you want to move to New York, you might want to look for movers near Manhattan to get the best service.

Moving for the Busy Professional: Not Easy, Not Impossible

With the above in mind, it helps to know and understand that moving houses or residences can be perfectly possible for busy professionals – it’s the actual “moving” proper that can become tricky to accomplish. This in no way means it’s impossible, though! For a busy professional such as yourself, it’s really up to how you plan on managing your time and schedule in order to accommodate your moving requirements. However, given the right planning and approach, you’ll definitely be able to pull off your house move without a hitch.


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