Qualities that your rings should have

Proposing marriage is a very important decision. The moment, the place, what is said and the engagement or request ring are key details. Causing good impression is paramount at a time like this, and the ring is the most important element of all. From that moment the bride will spend many hours day after day with her family and friends talking and showing them the rings that you gave her.

Your chocolate diamond jewelry must meet six basic characteristics to pass the test of time.



The best

Choose some rings of a quality material: gold or platinum. In gold, you can find them in yellow, white or pink colors. Platinum is always white or grayish. Remember to buy your jewel in a formal establishment, so you have greater security when making your purchase. Finally, some rings come with a certificate that subscribes all the characteristics of the jewel and can serve as an additional backup.


The elements that bring more beauty to your alliances are the finish: mirror, satin, matte, sandblasted, hammered; the shape: round, square, concave or flat and the stones: with or without embedded stones.

As a finger ring

Your ring should not cut your circulation but it should not leave your finger either. The perfect fit is comfortable, it stays in place and you can remove it without difficulty. Remember that you must put the ring on the left hand.

If at the time of buying your ring you got big and because of the shape of the ring it is impossible to shrink it, you can adjust it with a rubber band (they sell them in jewelry stores), a bit of tape or with a drop of silicone.

For every day

Our wedding ring you should like so much that you love to use it every day.

For life

There are precious rings, very thin, fine and with diamonds. You just have to be sincere and recognize if the type of alliance you are choosing fits your lifestyle. If you are not so careful, if you work with your hands or are very athletic, try to choose a jewel that you can wear without risks.

Zero complications

There are those who do not care much about this point; however, there are rings that are scratched easily by their finish, or because they have many stones, they need to be maintained at least once a year. Others, however, with an eventual professional cleaning will be in perfect conditions.

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Tips for choosing rings for the request

Recommendations when buying jewelry for the request:

Before buying engagement rings

Succeeding with the purchase can make a big difference. For this reason, before starting to look for perfect engagement rings it is convenient to stop for a moment to think:

  • What is your budget for the Engagement Ring?
  • Where to buy the ring?
  • What are your girlfriend’s tastes in jewelry and accessories?

Set a budget for the request ring

The work of many jewelers is to try to convince us that an occasion like this requires a special and perfect diamond. But what may not be perfect for us is its price. The cost of the engagement ring must fit our budget. This will allow us to feel personally more satisfied and comfortable with the acquisition. In addition, commitment is only the beginning of a long relationship that requires more expenses in the future. Sometimes it is commented that an engagement ring should cost approximately once or twice the monthly salary of the groom. Actually, this does not make any sense. The mentality and purchasing power of each is much more important when setting a budget for this purchase.

Characteristics of the diamond for the request

A jewel that goes out of style and ends up in the safe of a bank is not best to choose. For this reason, we always insist that the engagement rings have to be closely linked to the personality of the person who will wear it. For this nothing better than to consult with friends, sisters or the mother of the bride. It is not even necessary that we ask you to join us when we are clear about what jewelry / as we are going to visit.


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